Bump in the Road: What to Do After a Truck Accident

There has been a 52% increase in truck accidents in the last decade with around half a million accidents occurring each year. It’s important to understand what to do after a truck accident to ensure your safety, and security as well as a just process after the accident.

Keep reading to prepare yourself in case you’re involved in a truck accident.

Stop, Stay at the Scene and Put Your Hazard Lights On

By law, if you’re involved in an automotive accident must remain at the scene as it’s considered a criminal offense to flee. Depending on the state of your vehicle, you should move it out of the road and away from traffic. 

Ensure that other drivers are able to see your truck by switching on your hazard lights. This will help to prevent another accident and keep you and others involved safe. 

Call Emergency Services and Law Enforcement 

If you or other people are injured you should call 911 or emergency medical services immediately. It’s important to check in with your health as the adrenaline from an accident can make it seem as if you’re not hurt. Even if it seems like no one is hurt, it’s best to call medical services. 

Then, you must contact local law enforcement as soon as possible. You will require a police offer to perform an official investigation of the accident scene. Your insurance company will require a copy of this report so ensure that you get one from the police after they’ve conducted the investigation.  

Document and Photograph the Accident Scene 

If you’re safe and have received the necessary medical attention then start collecting evidence of the scene. Use your phone to record videos and take photos of the entire accident scene from as many different angles as possible. 

Document damage to your vehicle and the other vehicles involved. Take photos of any visible injuries, too. Take written notes of the accident as your memory may fail you later on when you need to recount the accident to an attorney and your insurance company. 

Write down as much as you can remember and speak to eyewitnesses and others involved for their account of the accident, too. 

Collect Information from Other Parties Involved 

It’s vital that you exchange contact information with the other parties involved. It may be hard to track them down at a later stage when you need to speak to them for insurance purposes. 

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

It’s a good idea to contact a truck accident lawyer to better understand what comes next and how to handle the situation. You may find yourself with a hefty settlement from a motor carrier’s insurance and you’ll need help to navigate this. 

An experienced lawyer will know exactly how to handle the situation and what needs to be done. 

Contact Your Insurance Company 

You should contact your insurance company as soon as you can — at the scene of the accident if possible. Your insurer may need information about the accident or from the police that you can get first hand. 

Are You Prepared In Case of a Truck Accident?

It’s important to remember these key points of what to do after a truck accident. Ensuring your safety is the most important thing, followed by contacting law enforcement and a lawyer. 

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