Betting on Sports and Winning Big: Top Notch Strategies

The gambling industry has come out of the shadows to become a significant growth industry. Online betting is enjoying an 11.4% GAGR forecast until the end of 2026. More people are getting entertainment from sports betting online. 

Yet, learning how to bet on sports can be daunting if you are still new to gambling. With so many variables involved with which sports to bet on, you might find yourself guessing. 

But if you want to learn how to bet on sports and win, keep reading this guide. We’ll help you get an overview of how to bet on sports online with more confidence. Plus, you will better understand where to bet on sports for your best odds of winning.

Learn The Language

The first step to becoming more proficient at sports betting is to learn the terms that sportsbooks use. Each set of odds posted has different meanings for sports bettors. Knowing the difference between a spread and a Moneyline is critical to having success. 

Oddsmakers post odds that reflect the favorite and the underdog for each contest. Let’s begin with the simplest form of sports betting. 


When you only want to choose the match winner, the Moneyline is the most straightforward form of sports betting. The favorite in the game might have -150 odds, for example. You need to wager $150 to win $100 plus the original bet to win this bet.

If you bet $100 on the underdog at +175, you get $175 plus your original bet for choosing correctly. The only way to win a Moneyline bet is to pick the game’s winner. 


Betting on the spread generally involves team sports like football and basketball. You can often find better value with a bet in play against the spread. Sports lovers who want to know how to bet on sports and win need to learn how the spread works. 

The Buffalo Bills are -4.5 vs. the New York Jets at +4.5. The team would need to win the game by five points or more to win with the favored Bills. Yet, if you like the underdog Jets, New York could still lose the game by four points or less for your wager to win.


The essential thing to remember about this kind of bet is it doesn’t matter which team wins the game. Gamblers look at how many points the two teams are likely to score in total. If the over/under line is 48.5, decide whether the Bills and Jets will score more or less than 48.5 points.

Props and Parlays

When first learning how to bet on sports, it’s best to avoid complicating your wagers. Yet, as you become more comfortable with how to bet on sports online, these specialty bets can be a lot of fun.

Prop bets generally involve the performance of individual players during a game. You can combine two or more wagers with parlays into one bet for higher odds. But note, you must win every part of the parlay bet to get paid on that wager.

If you like the excitement of betting on parlays, use only a tiny portion of your bankroll. A big payday sounds inviting, but it rarely represents how to bet on sports and win. Without thorough research, parlay bets are like playing the lottery.

Oddsmaker Lingo

On occasion, you might see the number -110 next to both teams. Whichever team you choose will require a $110 bet to earn a $100 win. The extra ten points on either bet represent the take from the bookie. 

Some bookmakers call this premium the juice or the vig. When learning how to bet on sports, you must understand that the house will continually earn a profit. 

The bookmaker sets odds so that an equal number of people bet on both teams. Since the sportsbook gets ten points from both sides, the house always makes a profit. 

Sports Betting Odds 

Learning how to bet on sports and win requires some research. You may have heard professional sports bettors talk about finding value. Understanding odds on games helps you know where to bet on sports and who to back with a wager. 

Many bettors shop around at various sportsbooks to find better value for their money. Of course, your odds of winning also depend on which sports to bet on for better odds. It’s essential to only bet on sports you know and follow regularly. 

You wouldn’t invest in a company stock you don’t recognize. So only bet on games where you have done some research. Knowing how to bet on sports and win begins with this principle.

Knowing how to bet on sports includes knowing your weaknesses. Get more information or walk away if you aren’t sure about a bet. There will be more opportunities down the road. 

It can also pay to shop around where to bet on sports. Oddsmakers often differ in their handicapping. Look for the sportsbook that gives you the best odds for the game you choose.

Use Money Management

There are a couple of critical rules to follow regarding how to bet on sports online. Choose a stake, feel comfortable about losing, and don’t add to your bankroll when you lose. 

To make your stake last longer, you must know how much to bet. People who know how to bet on sports will only risk one to five percent of their stake on each wager. If they get into a losing streak, they won’t chase their losses by betting more. 

Everyone has terrible streaks of luck. Minimize your losses by walking away for a while instead of chasing. Use the time to learn which sports to bet on for greater success. 

Learning How to Bet on Sports is Entertaining

The most crucial lesson for beginners to learn is to keep the experience fun. The most successful sports betting people in the world are correct only 52% to 60% of the time. So don’t expect to know how to bet on sports like an expert for a long time. 

Yet, if you approach sports betting with a positive attitude, getting entertainment has enormous value. And if you found this article informative and entertaining, come back to read more valuable tips.