Best Yoga Retreat Destinations

Going on a good yoga retreat can help to balance your chi, relax your mind, and invigorate your body. Not only that, but it serves as a good retreat from your busy life. Picking the right location for your yoga retreat can make a big difference though. To help you with that, we have come up with a list of some of the best yoga retreat destinations to look at when making your decision.


It should be no surprise that India is at the top of the list for yoga retreats. The country is full of a calming atmosphere with people who want to focus on getting in touch with your inner self. Both the seasoned yogi and the inexperienced practitioner will find places to travel to in India.

Some of the best places in India to practice yoga are the wonderful holy towns. Rishikesh is one of the most popular of said towns. Many of the yoga retreats in India will also feature instruction on other techniques to work on improving yourself.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very interesting country featuring a lot of different attractions. One of the lesser-known attractions of the country is the yoga retreats. Beautiful beaches and lush rainforests make for the perfect setting for a relaxing trip. Being among such beautiful nature helps one to ground themselves and further explore themselves.

Tropical weather greets visitors year-round in Costa Rica and as such many people want to attend retreats here in the winter to escape the cold. Santa Cruz and Santa Teresa are two of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica for yoga retreats but you can find them around the country.


Heavy influence from Buddhism in Thailand makes it a great place to visit for yoga as the spiritual practice has a lot in connection with the art of yoga. Many beautiful towns and the natural backdrops make it a perfect option for your retreat. Not only that, but Thailand can also be navigated for fairly cheap.

You might choose to go to Thailand in the winter months but the country is a great choice year-round. We recommend booking early as the destination is quite popular among yogis and these retreats tend to fill up fast.


The island country of Indonesia is another great Asian destination for yoga. Many consider the island of Bali in Indonesia one of the biggest stops for yogis in Asia. The natural landscape across the island makes many feel like they are at one with nature when they practice yoga in such a great destination.

As we mentioned Bali is hailed as one of the best stops in Asia for yoga but it can get quite busy with retreats. It doesn’t hurt to look for retreats in other cities and towns in Indonesia to avoid the crowd.


In Spain, you will find a country full of color and culture. People in this wonderful country love to be in touch with themselves and now it has become one of the best destinations for yoga travel. Many of the Spanish population practice yoga and even those who don’t tend to have a positive view on it.

Almost all of Spain maintains good weather all year, making any month a great time to travel. However, if you want to avoid the crowd, it is best to travel during the winter months.

Most parts of Spain tend to be great destinations for yoga retreats. We recommend looking for retreats that are not in big cities. The Spanish countryside has so much to offer that it is the best option for those looking to connect with themselves and heal.

Now you know some of the best yoga retreat destinations, it is time to start looking for specific companies and groups that lead retreats in your favorite choices. Make sure to schedule a little extra time to check out these unique countries and explore their culture. Spending a little time away from home can help to give you an extra push of rejuvenation.