A few simple tips for improving Angular Js performance

Angular JS quickly gained popularity among developers from all over the world. A simple, convenient framework from Google positions itself as a complete platform with a wide range of tools for developing single-page applications and for creating large-scale IT projects.

The Google team has provided its brainchild with the best information support. Despite the fact that Angular JS cannot boast such detailed documentation as VueJs, everyone can find the answer to the question posed on specialized forums or communities.

Angular JS is designed to streamline complex processes and manage data through JS technology and open source. The functionality of Angular JS is provided by the MVC architecture, which adds to the attractiveness of the program when working with single-page applications. The library is developed in traditional JavaScript syntax, so the framework is great for manipulating DOM components and can provide dynamic data updates on the browser side. In this, Angular JS is in no way inferior to its closest competitors VueJs and React. Moreover, the platform contains a lot of add-ons and templates that, together with modern tools, will allow you to complete the development of any complexity. Therefore, today E-learning software development is great importance.

How is AngularJS better than its competitors?

The Google framework is regularly updated with new features and boasts many advantages:

• DOM manipulation. Perhaps one of the most important options for any modern framework. The product from Google developers allows you to optimize client-side updates through two-way data binding to HTML. At the same time, directives and functional commands are implemented as simple elements that are easy and convenient to use.

• AngularJS can boast of its versatility, with the help of the framework you can develop applications of any complexity. At the same time, the calling card of the program is single-page applications with any dynamics.

• The framework is designed according to the functionality-first methodology, so AngularJS is best suited for developing projects from scratch. Modular architecture allows you to organize work, divide the project into interconnected sections and complete the project with a minimum amount of code. Therefore, projects on Angular JS are easy and practical. This is used by every healthcare app development company and firms in other areas.

Among the conditional shortcomings of Angular JS, one can note the “obtrusiveness” of the presentation technique. Excessive “subjectivity” is characteristic of many Google projects. The company seeks to monopolize the methods in its own interests.

Best practices for optimizing Angular JS

Angular JS has a wide range of optimization options. To improve the performance of the framework, you should pay attention to the following rules:

1. Monitoring digest processes. The breadth of the digest cycle is a kind of checkpoint for changed variables. The shorter the digest period, the faster the application runs.

2. Minimization of variables. The chain of digest cycles lengthens as new data is bound. A large number of variables can negatively affect data processing and subsequently cause “lags”.

3. Function of one-time binding. In AngularJS 1.3, a one-time binding is available that allows any value to be used once, after which it kicks out of the tracking process.

4. Minify CSS styles. If the project does not require comment directives and CSS classes, they can be disabled, and thus simplify the application.

5. Use console.time. In case of incorrectness in debugging, you can use a tool to track processes and measure performance.

6. Use filters. The framework uses DOM components twice in each backend request chain. The $filter promoter validates the data before it is sent to the browser, thereby skipping DOM manipulation, which reduces the refresh cycle.

Today, various frameworks are available to users, but Angular JS occupies a special place in the list of popular solutions, for the simple reason that it is backed by the largest player in the IT industry – Google. Therefore, in the future, this framework will only strengthen its position in the market and expand its consumer audience.