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A Comprehensive Guide to Reducing Your Household Energy Bills

Unless you have been living underneath that proverbial rock (although at least that would be cheaper), you will be fully aware of the substantial rise in electricity, gas, and water rates in recent months, and for some, this excess in outgoings is causing serious problems.

So, with that being said, here is a comprehensive guide to reducing your household energy bills.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

Obviously, if your current appliances, such as everyday items like the kettle and toaster oven, are currently in full working order, there is no need to let them go to waste.

However, each time it comes time to invest in a new appliance, switch to an energy-efficient alternative, which will mean you use less energy when using each item. For example, over a period of ten years, the average household could save around $80 after having installed an energy-efficient washing machine.

Another simple yet effective move would be to replace all of your current standard lightbulbs with energy-efficient alternatives.

Draught-Proof Your Home

Another pertinent change to make when you are serious about reducing your household energy bills, and certainly one which, once complete, will make a big difference, is to draught-proof your property throughout.

Ensure that any sliding windows have brush strips attached and your casement windows have rubber strips, use decorator’s caulk around the wall-to-frame joints in draughty rooms, and ensure there is an abundance of natural insulation under the floorboards.

Other key ways to draught-proof your home include investing in a packet of key covers for your front and back entrances, using airtight duct tape on any cable and pipe installations, and completely sealing an unused chimney.

Have Your Boiler Professionally Serviced

There is a plethora of advantages to paying for a professional to conduct a thorough service of your home’s boiler, and professionals will be able to advise you on questions such as how often should you service your boiler?

Just a few of the benefits of regular boiler services, in addition to reducing your energy bills due to a higher level of efficiency, include:

  • They keep you and your family safe from potentially poisonous fumes
  • They save you money when your boiler requires maintenance
  • They ensure your boiler guarantee is valid
  • They prevent your boiler from breaking down in the winter months

Install a Smart Meter

Finally, and especially if you are getting concerned as to whether your energy usage is hitting levels whereby you may be struggling to pay your bills, it is strongly advisable to invest in a smart meter.

This way, you are able to monitor your energy usage throughout the property and, more importantly, will be able to easily identify areas in which energy is being wasted.

Smart meters are affordable, small, and unassuming and can be installed literally anywhere in your home, giving you a daily, weekly, and monthly reading of how much energy you are using, where the energy is going, and how much the energy is costing.