7 Reasons Why Paintball Works So Well for Team Building

Did you know that when team members socialize it improves communication patterns by more than 50%? A team that plays together, works better together. 

It’s vital that team building activities are inclusive of all team members. They should foster communication, hone problem-solving skills, and improve relationships. And what better way to do this than a fun game of paintball?

Paintball promotes strategic thinking and hones leadership skills. It also does wonders to relieve stress which is beneficial for improving working conditions. 

Still not convinced? Check out these seven reasons why your next corporate team building event should be a paintball match. 

1. Paintball Games Require Team Tactics 

Team building with paintball requires working together to devise strategy and tactics to win the game. These tactics are the most critical aspect of a paintball game and of an effective work team too. 

Rather than forcing employees to work together as a team, like many other team building activities, paintball requires working as a team to win. If the team wants to be the victors, they’ll need to work together. 

Devising these strategies involves communicating, weighing up strengths and weaknesses, problem-solving, and looking out for each other. These are all excellent practices which all employees will benefit from at work.

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2. Communication Is Important 

Communication is a non-negotiable aspect of achieving success in a paintball game. It’s necessary for an offensive and defensive strategy. This makes it an excellent corporate team building exercise as colleagues learn to communicate with each other. 

Improving employee communication is hugely beneficial for workplace efficiency and it’s an easily transferrable skill. During a paintball game communication is key. Teammates need to communicate to devise tactics, warn other players, and more. In fact, you’ll be communicating even while being shot at!

If colleagues can communicate in such a high-stress situation, they’ll have no problem bringing this skill into the workplace.

3. Paintball Is a Great Bonding Experience 

Paintball is a team building event that is a lot of fun and will boost spirits. This ultimately leads to team bonding and new friendships. Colleagues will get to know one another better and recognize each other’s, and their own, strengths and weaknesses. 

The game will improve relationships through having fun and working together. When employees bond, they work better together in a team. While everyone doesn’t need to be the best of friends, connecting on a personal level helps people to get along better, which is important for the workplace. 

Paintball is such an immersive game that everyone has to get involved in. There is no opportunity to sideline team members or leave someone out. 

4. Team Members Look Out for One Another 

One of the most fantastic aspects of team building with paintball is that it ‘forces’ colleagues to look out for one another. The game cannot be won with only one person playing GI Joe and it requires each teammate to have one another’s back. 

This is important for the workplace as an effective and productive team works best when colleagues are prepared to help one another. While there should be healthy competition, such as in a paintball game, there also needs to be an understanding that everyone is working towards a common goal.

5. Problem-Solving Under Pressure 

Corporate team building through paintball games promotes working together to solve problems under pressure. This is a crucial skill for the workplace as teams need to learn not to fall apart when faced with difficult decisions or time pressure. 

Paintball is a game of strategy and there needs to be a clear plan. However, sometimes those plans fall apart and quick decisions need to be made and problems solved under pressure. 

These skills transfer to the workplace as there are constantly issues that need to be resolved and creative problem-solving skills are required. 

6. Cultivates Leadership Qualities

Paintball is very effective at developing and nurturing strong leadership skills. Much like in a work team, a paintball team requires a strong and respected leader who is respected and proactive. 

A good leader knows to listen to their team, recognize strengths and weaknesses, and delegate duties accordingly. These types of leaders will understand the best way to achieve goals and the most effective path forward. 

During a paintball game, leaders will be defined and this will naturally transfer to the workplace. On the other hand, perhaps leaders are already defined, such as managers and directors, and these people will have the opportunity to hone their leadership qualities on the paintball field. 

7. Healthy Stress Reliever

The impact of stressed employees or a stressful environment on productivity, efficiency, and overall working conditions is extremely negative and impactful. Paintball provides an opportunity for employees to have fun and relieve the stresses of work, which will have incredible benefits. 

This is a healthy alternative to parties and dinners by getting people active and moving tapping into their fun-natured competitive side. Helping to reduce the stress of your employees and colleagues will ultimately lead to a happier, more productive, and more motivated workforce. 

What Will Your Next Team Building Activity Be?

Paintball might not be the most conventional team building activity but it certainly is a fantastic one. Your team will learn how to communicate better, solve problems under pressure and look out for one another. Team leaders will hone leadership skills and team members will have the opportunity to bond. 

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