7 Best Workout Tips to See Great Results

Working out is one of the most rewarding habits you can adopt. Whatever your goal is, whether it’s weight loss, stamina building or bodybuilding, you want to make sure you are progressing at a steady and constant pace. However, you may start feeling that your exercising is not yielding results as well as it should. In that case, you may need to make some changes in order to get more effective progress on your workout. 

There are some very simple ways which you can use to make your workout much more effective. However, you must make sure they fit with your health requirements and do not affect any conditions you may have. Anyone can log in to their Charter Spectrum connection and look up a few workouts that sound effective. However, you must make sure your professional trainer or doctor approves these changes, and confirm if they are suitable for your current condition. After all, you don’t want to end up with a bad back just because you wanted bigger biceps. In the meanwhile, here are a few basic tips to get you started.  

#1. Increase Your Reps

When doing your workouts, slowly and steadily increase your reps. For example, if you’re doing 5 sets of 5 squats, the next day, do 5 sets 6 squats for a few days and so on. Increase your reps one by one after every few days and you’ll find yourself reaching goals you couldn’t have imagined before. 

However, you must make sure your body isn’t getting overly strained and scale back if there is any pressure on any body part. 

#2. Add Weights

Even though bodyweight exercises are quite good for toning, if you really want those gains, you’ll need to add weights. That doesn’t mean you start lifting 20kg dumbbells the very first day. Start small, with 2kg dumbbells and work your way up. 

Once you’re comfortable with weights, you can bench press larger weights and even get into deadlifting. As with other exercises, start with lower reps, and work your way up to more reps with weights for more effective progress.  

#3. Decrease Rests

If you’re doing HIIT workouts or cardio, you need to keep the pace going to make your efforts more effective. Therefore, you can decrease the rests between your reps, so that your heart rate and activity level remain up. 

Resultantly, you’ll be burning more calories and will also go into anaerobic respiration faster, which lets you tone your muscles more effectively. 

#4. Do Compound Exercises

If you want to get all-round gains in a short time, you should opt for compound exercises instead of isolating one part of your body. These compound reps will also give you a more active workout in general, and will tone multiple parts of your body at the same time. 

This is especially useful if you prefer spending short amounts of time in the gym. Instead of staying there for hours, you can get pretty good results in just 30 or 40 minutes if you opt for compound exercises. 

#5. Change It Up

If you stick to just one workout routine for a long time, you might see your results plateau at some point. Instead, you should change things up from time to time, so that your body is kicked into high gear again. 

You can go through a rotation of workout routines so that you feel organized and do not get bored with your workout either. As you add exciting bits to your routine, you’ll also stay more motivated. 

#6. Add Cardio

You should definitely add cardio to your routine if you want to get that progress fast. Balanced with strength training and weightlifting, cardio is one of the best ways to achieve your workout goals. 

Incorporate a bit of running or other such activity into your workout routine, so that your exercises are balanced and effective. Furthermore, this also gives you a chance to get some fresh air while working out. 

#7. Have A Proper Diet

You cannot get your ideal gains if you have a severely imbalanced diet with lots of junk food or very little nutritious foods. You need to incorporate proteins in your diet and drink ample amounts of water, so that your metabolism stays active. 

In addition, even though carbs have been villainized, you actually need them to have a balanced diet which also helps achieve your workout goals. 

If you follow these workout tips, and consider the advice of your trainer and healthcare professional, you can reach your exercise goals much more efficiently.