6 Important Things That You Must Do Before Selling Your Home

The United States real estate market is still on fire. In spite of some temporary stalls, existing homes and new construction continue to sell. In fact, existing home sales surged to an 8-month high in September.

Home prices are surging and the industry is still considered a seller’s market. There are a number of things you can do before listing your home to guarantee success.

Read on for a checklist of things to do before selling your home. Explore six things that a smart homeowner is completing prior to putting their home on the market.

1. Home Inspection

Many people assume that the home inspection only occurs when a real estate contract is in place. However, many smart homeowners are paying for a home inspection before selling.

While the homeowner incurs a small cost, this approach is often the most cost-effective. By identifying issues prior to listing, you can resolve them in the most cost-effective way.

A preemptive home inspection also speeds up the sales process. You can address any potential showstoppers before listing.

This reduces the likelihood that the buyer’s inspection finds something significant enough to derail the contract. If you do not want to pay for expensive repairs, consider property investors like Doug Hopkins to purchase your home in as-is condition.

2. Market Survey

Before listing, you need to determine the sales price of your home. A real estate agent can take care of this for you.

Your agent assesses the value of comparable houses in your area. They make adjustments for special features that your home may have. The end result is that your agent proposes a sales price for you to consider.

3. Rent a Storage Unit

Many savvy homeowners are renting a storage unit prior to home listing. This is a great way to maximize space by decluttering your home.

You can start moving items out of your home. Pack up unnecessary items and start putting them into the storage unit. You could also hire a storage pick-up and delivery service and have them move some of your things into storage to help save time and energy on packing up other belongings.

4. Clean It

This is one of the easiest things to do before listing. Give your home a deep and thorough cleaning.

First impressions mean a lot in the housing market. Make your home sparkle so that potential buyers see its potential.

5. Make Your Home Smell Good

Making your home smell good is another easy task. After a thorough cleaning, there should be no hidden odors in the home.

Next, add a nice fragrance to the bathrooms and kitchens. Warm and inviting smells are certain to make potential buyers feel at home.

6. Organize Your Closets

Today’s buyers are interested in closet space. You should go through your closets and donate old clothes and shoes.

Also, take unnecessary items and put them in your storage unit. This will make your closets look bigger and more appealing to buyers.

Six Things to do Before Selling Your Home

Doing these six simple things prior to sale is certain to help move things along. You will identify major issues and correct them. Also, you will competitively price your home and make it attractive to buyers.

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