5 Ways to Manage and Maximize Your Content Marketing Funnel

Why isn’t your content market funnel working? It’s frustrating to take all the right steps and still fall short of your marketing and sales goals. But before you give up, take a look at the tips below.

These 5 strategies can help you increase conversion rates and optimize your content strategy for the future.

1. Expand Your View of the Funnel

Your content marketing funnel is the ideal process of attracting your target market and leading them through each phase until they purchase your product or service. But have you considered that not all of your potential customers will enter the funnel at the top?

Your content marketing plan needs to be adaptable for individuals that enter at each level of the funnel. For example, you might have a person that is already past the awareness stage and into the consideration stage of the funnel when they see your first piece of content. So as you draft different types of content marketing, don’t forget the non-traditional funnel journey.

2. Show Proof

This content tip is great because it works at all content marketing funnel stages! Potential customers want evidence that they should buy your product or service. Consider developing content that shares proof, like testimonials or user-generated content. Proof isn’t only statistics either, it can be qualitative evidence too.

3. Flex Your A-B-S

Always. Be. Solving. The key to your content strategy and the success of your content marketing funnel is to focus on your target audience’s problems and how your product or service can fix them.

Whether you are writing blogs, email campaigns, or social media posts, think about your audience first. How is this information going to relate to your target audience and feel personal to each person? So if you’re not sure the content will boost conversation rates, ask yourself, “am I flexing my a-b-s?”.

4. Make Data-Driven Changes 

Don’t guess why your content isn’t having the desired impact – measure it! These days there are mountains of data about online users, starting with search engine optimization (SEO). Not sure what SEO is? Learn more.

Set goals, track progress, and measure indicators that expose your strengths and weaknesses. Find out where leads are entering and dropping out of your funnel so that you can bolster content aimed at that stage.

5. Pay Attention to the After-Purchase Phase 

Many online companies spend all their time, energy, and resources on lead generation and conversion but forget about the after-purchase stage of the funnel. Getting a new client is more expensive and more difficult than keeping an existing customer.

So, for less money and effort, you can create content to keep existing customers. Email campaigns, existing customer discounts, and social media engagement are good ways to keep customers engaged.

Enjoy a Smooth Ride Through the Content Marketing Funnel

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you’ve perfected your content marketing funnel. Take these 5 tips and think about how you can add them to your existing content strategy.

Remember that customers enter the funnel at different stages but your audience and solving their problems should always be a content priority. And don’t forget about content geared towards existing customers!

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