5 Tips That Will Guarantee You Better Sleep Every Single Night

Have you found yourself often waking up feeling tired, uncomfortable, and with low energy levels? Your poor sleeping habits and sleeping environment could be the reason why.  Without proper sleep, our bodies cease to function normally during the day and this could affect our long-term health. 

Tips that will guarantee you better sleep every time

Make the Bedroom Your Sanctuary 

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The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, which is why you should focus on making it just that. A bedroom turned into an office space and home gym won’t give you the much-required peace. Keep your work and other activities away from your bedroom to create a relaxed environment where you fall asleep without having to worry about other things. 

Cluttered, disorganized rooms can also take away from your sleep. They make you feel restless and unable to fall asleep or get comfortable. Make sure you do not have too much furniture in your bedroom as it will make it look cluttered. Having enough storage spaces in the room to store your items and cleaning the room will make it more peaceful and serene.  

Upgrade your mattress

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The mattress is a crucial element for high-quality sleep. An old, lumpy mattress could be the reason why you do not get enough quality sleep. How long have you been using your current mattress/ typically the standard mattress lasts between 5 to 12 years depending on the manufacturer and its quality? 

An old, worn-out mattress will disrupt your sleep, make you uncomfortable, and leave you feeling tired and worn out in the morning. You will often notice this if you are tossing and turning too much in bed, finding it difficult to fall asleep, and finding the couch more comfortable than your bed. Investing in a new mattress with better quality can guarantee you better sleep every time. These best 2022 mattresses ensure you get better rest at night and help you meet the recommended sleeping hours for a productive day. 

Create a schedule and stick to it

Do you have a regular sleep schedule? Creating a set schedule can help your body normalize sleeping at a specific time and make it an essential part of your day. Record your daily sleep time and duration so you can understand your sleeping patterns. 

So how do you stick to a schedule? Planning a schedule is the easy part, committing will be a tough call. Creating a sleeping chart and involving your family is one way to motivate yourself to stick to the same schedule every night. 

Take up healthy daily habits

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Our mobile devices make it harder for us to fall asleep. Together with other devices like the computer and TV, they emit blue light and this affects our brain’s time perception making it hard for us to fall asleep. The best thing would be to cut out all computer and phone usage when you go to bed. Make sure you have a separate study area for the computer and other devices to avoid sleep disruption. 

Avoid taking stimulants, sleeping pills and alcoholic beverages before you go to sleep. These will keep you up longer, affecting the quality of sleep you get. Limiting these things to way before your scheduled bedtime will help you commit to the schedule. 

Watch your diet

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The foods and drinks you take have a direct influence on your ability to sleep and have complete rest during the night. Some foods can enhance your ability to fall and stay asleep while others will interfere with your need for sleep. 

For example, you need to avoid foods that have caffeine and sugar, especially when it is close to your sleep time. These kinds of foods tend to elevate your energy levels and this will make it harder for you to fall asleep. Spicy and fatty foods on the other hand may cause discomfort and indigestion and this will keep you up throughout the night. Drinking too much fluids during bedtime will keep waking you up, disrupting your sleep. 

One way to avoid any food-related issues during your sleep is to plan your dinner making sure you have time to digest your meals before bed. Also, incorporate foods with supplements and nutrients that will help you sleep better at night.