5 Tips for Starting a Business in California

The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that more than 600,000 new companies are opened each year. This is wonderful at stimulating the economy and offering new jobs, opportunities, goods, and services to the market. 

If you live in California and would like to open a business, there are some key steps that you need to internalize. Consider these five tips when you’re interested in opening a business in California. 

1. Know Your Business Like the Back of Your Hand

Before you start a business you need to study the landscape. Start by becoming competent and masterful in the area of business you’re exploring. 

For instance, if you’re opening a California business that offers daycare or other forms of childcare, you’ll need expertise in watching children, while also studying the different business models available. Customers and clients need to trust you as an authority in the work that you do, so make yourself one before opening your doors. 

2. Consider Some Foundational Business Tips

Learn the foundational tenets of business that will help you thrive. Every company has a few basic needs, including things like:

  • Understanding the type of business you’re opening (Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC), S-Corp, etc.)
  • Handling human resources (HR) needs
  • Taking care of bookkeeping and payroll
  • Getting general liability insurance
  • Managing your scheduling and workforce

Establish a strong leadership team for your California business and brainstorm every facet of the company before opening for business. 

3. Learn the Area

Get to know the geographical area where you’re opening your business, and how this will play a role. Take the time to join the local chamber of commerce and any other organizations that can provide resources. 

In California, a few of the most populace and hottest business areas include:

  • Southern California (Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, San Diego)
  • The Bay Area (Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose)
  • Northern California (Sacramento, Redding, Fresno)

Each area features different thriving industries, costs of living, and demographic information that informs a lot about both the businesses and consumers in the area. 

4. Brush Up on Business Law and Finance

Familiarize yourself with California law, the laws pertaining to business, and laws specific to your industry. Starting a business requires you to put in applications for a variety of permits and licenses, which also include some fees.

Hire the help of a business lawyer to assist with these applications, and to help you avoid any legal missteps. You should also retain the help of a certified public accountant (CPA) that can help you with your bookkeeping, taxes, and more. 

Check here to learn more about important California tax credits:

5. Create a Business and Marketing Plan

Finally, make sure that you take lots of time to hammer out a business plan that you can consult as you open and expand your company. Your business plan establishes every goal, need, and obstacle, while also breaking down the creation and opening of your business into phases. 

Look into marketing strategies that will also help you to get results. Your marketing plans should include search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads, social media, e-mail marketing, and content marketing. 

Start a Business in California

When you’re interested in starting a business in California, let the five tips above get you going. This is one of the largest and most populous states in the United States and is also filled with opportunities. Put these tips to use and get professional help whenever necessary. 

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