5 Tips for Online Marketing for Law Firms

When it comes to online marketing, there is plenty of untapped potential for the law industry. One study suggests that as many as 68% of law firms do not have an email address on their website landing pages.

So how can legal firms boost their referrals using online marketing? And what are the other benefits of developing an online presence?

If you’re wondering what the secrets are to a successful digital marketing campaign, and how to do it, keep on reading to find out.

1. Utilize a Local Google Ads Campaign

The first of our tips to follow is implementing a local pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Any time that someone in your area uses Google to search for the services your firm provides, they will be targeted with your ads.

One of the biggest advantages of this campaign is that it will only cost your business when someone navigates to your website. 

2. Build Authority With Content Marketing

Having a blog section on your website is a key strategy for persuading visitors to choose your law firm. Articles that share useful information and advice help position a firm as generous and knowledgeable.

You can use on-site articles to develop the impression that your firm is an industry leader.

What’s more, another benefit of law firm internet marketing via blog content is that your website’s position in organic search engine results will increase. 

3. Ensure You Have a Polished Website

When making a strategy for your online marketing, the first step should always be optimizing your website. This is because all of your other advertising strategies will be driving people to your firm’s page. Once visitors arrive here, they need to like what they see.

For law firms, this means presenting a professional online presence. Make sure your site has fast loading speeds across desktop and mobile devices.

4. Use Social Media to Build Relationships

Next, one of the major benefits of online marketing is its ability to forge and strengthen relationships with potential clients. This is best done via social media, where your firm can promptly respond to comments and messages.

Social media helps to create a community around your firm. It’s also an excellent means of developing word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Take Advantage of Retargeting Campaigns

Our final tip for legal digital marketing is to introduce a retargeting campaign. This intelligent advertising is one of the biggest reasons to market digitally.

When someone visits your website, a Facebook (or alternative) tracking pixel will retarget that user later on when they are browsing other websites. It is a high-quality strategy as only people who have previously shown interest in your website will see these ads. 

That’s How to Exploit the Best Online Marketing Practices for Your Law Firm

We’ve now shared five of our essential online marketing tips for your law firm to implement. Don’t forget the far-reaching benefits that an efficient digital marketing campaign has for expanding your base of clients and potential clients.

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