5 Things You Never Knew About Pipe Tobacco

The credit for smoking tobacco first goes to the Native Americans. They cultivated the plant in pre-Columbian land and smoked it with pipes. 

However, they did not do it as a pastime. Instead, the tribes smoked tobacco for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

Pipes were the first tools for smoking tobacco. Rolled varieties are a modern invention.

It’s not the only interesting fact about pipe tobacco. Read on to learn more facts below.

1. Pipes Have Been in Use for Thousands of Years

Using a pipe for smoking isn’t unique to the Native Americans. Greeks, Scythians, and other cultures also use this tool for the same purposes.

However, they have likely used pipes for smoking herbs or leaves instead. These cultures smoked what we call “pot” today.

2. Smoking a Pipe Had a Different Name

Pipe smoking is what people usually call it nowadays. However, did you know it wasn’t always that way? People only started using this term in the 1600s.

Before, people used the term “puffing” more. One might even say it’s more appropriate as the word means to blow out in clouds.

While it’s still appropriate today, the term “smoking” is more acceptable. It remains that way even in other languages and dialects.

3. Briar Saved Pipe Tobacco

Cigars and cigarettes came close to pushing pipe tobacco smoking to extinction. They’re cheaper and more available, so how did the pipes survive?

Some say the briar tobacco pipe saved the industry. The French artisans in the town of St. Claude started carving bowls from the burl of the Erica arborea. They call it the Bruyere tree, which we now call briar. 

Briar proved a much better option than boxwood, previously the most common material. Today, the village is the pipe capital of the world. 

4. People Use Corn Cob for Pipes

From France, you might also want to visit Missouri. You can learn a lot from the corn cob pipe capital of the world.

What are corn cob pipes? They’re what the name suggests – they are pipes with bowls made out of corn cobs.

Missouri Meerschaum has been producing corn cob pipes since the late 1800s. According to the legends, a farmer made the first model, making it by hand and enjoying their tobacco unbothered. 

Many people today prefer a corn cob Meerschaum pipe over briar. After all, it preserves the pure flavor of tobacco. Pipe tobacco tasters might favor it for the same reasons, as well.

5. Pipe Tobacco Is Much More Flavorful

If you’re a fan of tobacco, you should try to smoke a pipe. It produces more flavor, but not because of the method.

The difference is in the quality. Cigarette tobacco is a cheap, quick fix for smokers. As such, farmers often save better tobacco for the pipes. 

Try Pipe Tobacco Smoking Now

Smoking pipe tobacco is a classic hobby. After all, it provides a timeless experience nothing else can replicate. Knowing more about it is a fun activity, as well.

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