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5 Signs Your Drains Need Cleaning – Don’t Ignore Them!

When drains function properly, they quickly remove waste water without any thought from you. You should pay attention to the signs when they start acting up.

Ignoring a draining problem will only make it worse. Leaving a clog untreated can lead to unpleasant smells and even sewage backup in your home.

Slow Draining Water

A clog could be the cause of slow-draining water from a bathtub or sink. Call drain cleaning services to clean your drains immediately to avoid a blockage.

The longer a clog goes unchecked, the more bacteria build up inside the line and the harder it is to fix. This is a serious issue that can cause damage to your water pipes and affect the rest of your plumbing system.

Foul odors are another sign that your drains need cleaning. These smells often come from sewage or decaying organic materials accumulating in your drain. Stagnant water and food waste also create an ideal environment for odor-causing molds.

The good news is that most clogs can be removed using a plunger and some simple home solutions. You can pour table salt and baking soda down a slow-draining drain. This will usually open up a partial clog. Next, you can run very hot or boiling water down the drain for three minutes to clear out the rest of the goop.

Puddles in the Backyard

When you flush a toilet or wash your clothes, you expect your drains to quickly and efficiently remove the wastewater. You must contact a professional gutter cleaner to clean and inspect your gutters if this does not happen.

Unexpected puddles can indicate that your drainage system is not working properly. Puddles can form if a drain line ruptures and the soil becomes saturated. A lawn mower cannot easily fix this, so it is important to call a commercial plumbing expert immediately.

Puddles that smell terrible are a surefire sign of sewage backup in your backyard. You should immediately call a sewage cleaning company to have the line assessed and evacuated. A sewage backup is not only messy, but it can be dangerous to your family’s health. The more you ignore a clogged drain, the worse it will get. Educating yourself about the common signs your gutters need cleaning will help you avoid major repairs in the future.

Standing Water

Standing water in the sink, tub, or shower is an obvious symptom of a major clog. You should immediately contact a Rosenberg drain cleaning company when your drains become blocked or slow to drain.

As the water struggles against the blockage, it can make strange sounds. The clog may be putting pressure on your pipes. They can crack or break.

Standing water in your drains can also attract bugs and rodents to your home. Fruit flies, drain flies, and cockroaches love the food debris that collects in clogged drains and can quickly multiply. These insects can then spread germs and diseases inside your home. If you notice a flurry of these insects around your gutters, it’s time for a thorough drain cleaning. This includes scrubbing the drain openings with a Zip-It tool and following with a baking soda/vinegar mixture.

Unpleasant Smells

If your drains emit unpleasant odors, it may be time for professional cleaning. This could indicate that food waste, spoiled food, or even rotting rodent droppings are building up inside your drain system. In addition, smelly sewage could also be the result of a serious drain clog.

Foul odors from your kitchen sink may be caused by cooking grease and food particles. These smells can spread throughout your home if the clog is severe enough. A foul smell from your toilet could indicate a blocked sewer line or broken pipes.

Weird sounds or bubbles from your drain are another sign that it’s time for professional cleaning. These sounds can occur when water is trying to flow through a blocked drain but are forced to change course or push through small spaces. A reputable plumber can inspect and resolve the problem in no time. Detecting and responding to these signs early will save you from more costly repairs.

Recurring Clogs

While a clogged drain now and then doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an issue with your plumbing, if your home experiences multiple clogs in a short period, this is a sign that your drains need to be cleaned. Professional plumbers can remove even stubborn blockages using specialized equipment.

sewage smell is a sure sign of a major sewer blockage. These clogs create ideal breeding environments for mold and bacteria, which can cause various health issues.

Bathroom drain clogs can occur when hair, skin flakes, and soap scum build up in the pipes and block water flow. Non-flushable items like Q-tips and cotton balls can also cause them.

Tree roots are another common cause of recurring clogs. If they infiltrate your sewer line, they can cause damage to the pipes over time. Regular inspections by a professional plumber can help spot the presence of root infiltration and stop it from worsening. This can help prevent expensive and dangerous pipe repairs down the road.