5 Questions to Ask a Truck Accident Lawyer Before You Hire Them

The US trucking industry is one of the nation’s largest employers, with over 3.5 million drivers.

Truck drivers go through rigorous training and are held to high safety standards. Still, with millions of trucks on the roads, truck accidents can and do happen.

Were you recently hurt in a trucking accident? Are you looking for a truck accident lawyer to take your case? Here are five questions you need to ask before you choose your attorney.

1. What Type of Experience Do You Have?

Just like some doctors practice general medicine while others are specialists, the same is true for lawyers. For the best possible outcome, you’ll want to hire a lawyer like that specializes in truck accidents.

That’s not to say that other attorneys with a broader scope aren’t good at their jobs. It’s just that trucking accidents are especially complex. Not only that, but corporate legal teams are notoriously hard to deal with. 

You’ll also want to make sure the attorney has trial experience as well as a proven history of negotiating with corporate lawyers.

2. Who’s Responsible for My Injuries?

If a truck ran a red light and hit you in an intersection, it’s fairly obvious who’s to blame. Unfortunately, most cases aren’t so cut-and-dry.

You’ll need your truck accident attorney to make a thorough investigation of what happened. This might include studying surveillance footage, communicating with eyewitnesses, and researching common vehicle defects.

3. Should I File a Claim or Pursue a Lawsuit?

Just because you were in an accident doesn’t automatically mean you have a case worth pursuing. If your injuries were minor and the trucking company offers you a fair settlement, the wisest course of action might be accepting it.

More often than not, though, trucking companies throw out lowball offers or (even worse) try to deny your claim altogether. A truck accident attorney will review the details of your case and advise you on the best way to proceed.

4. What’s Your Preferred Contact Method?

How will you stay informed on what’s happening with your case? Do you prefer quick emails, text message updates, or lengthy phone conversations?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. But to avoid frustration and disappointment, the key is to find a lawyer whose communication style matches your own.

5. How Much Do You Charge?

Before you agree to work with a lawyer, you need to understand their rates.

Most truck accident lawyers work for a contingency fee, meaning you pay nothing upfront. Rather, they take a portion of your settlement when you win your case — usually in the neighborhood of 30%.

However, each law firm is different. Some offer free consultations, some charge upfront fees, and others charge hourly rates. Make sure you understand exactly what you’ll need to pay before you sign on the dotted line.

Find the Best Truck Accident Lawyer for Your Case

It can be hard to know what to do after a truck accident, especially if your injuries are serious. As you research how to get truck accident compensation, you’ll quickly see that you need an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side.

Use these truck accident recovery tips to help you find the best attorney in your area!

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