5 Common Flower Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Florists make up a $5.5 billion business in the United States. Ordering flowers online is easier than ever, and you can get the beautiful results that you’re looking for by studying your options. If you’re going to purchase an incredible bouquet or floral arrangement for someone that you care about, it’s important that you understand what not to do. 

Consider these common flower buying mistakes, and do your best to never commit them. 

1. Getting the Occasion Wrong

One of the main things people do is not understand the significance and etiquette behind flowers. Each flower type comes with different meanings, which makes them suitable for certain occasions. 

If you’re not aware of these meanings, you might just buy whatever colors catch your eye. While it might look nice, your flower arrangement design won’t match the mood and gesture you were going for. Here are some flower meanings you need to understand:

  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship
  • Red roses denote love, romance, and beauty
  • Aster is a symbol of patience
  • Carnations are symbols of pride
  • Gladiolus denotes strong character

Knowing the differences between each type of flower will help you hit the mark with whatever you’re trying to express. People that know their flowers will also appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gesture.  

2. Not Knowing Your Flowers

If you’re going to gift people flowers, it pays to learn some fundamentals. There are several different types of flowers you might appreciate, such as:

  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Gardenias
  • Azalea 
  • California Poppy
  • Balloon Flower 
  • Carnations 

Study the different details and color varieties of these flowers so that you know what you’re gifting people. Put together a mixture of color designs to express yourself with the bouquet or floral arrangement.  

3. Failing to Care for Them

There’s always a timetable in which your flowers are vulnerable. Letting your flower stay out of the water and without sunlight for too long will cause it to dry out and die. If you’re going to put your flowers in a vase, snip about an inch or two off the end of the stem first. Cut them evenly and place an aspirin in the water. 

Many florists provide a nutrient pack that you can dissolve into the water so that your flowers blossom.  

4. Didn’t Compare Prices Enough

Many people end up paying too much for flowers because they don’t shop around enough. Comparing flower prices is simple with so many online options. Look into promo codes and discounts, especially if you’re purchasing flowers for a holiday. 

If you intend to buy flowers regularly, you might also consider getting a membership so that you can collect rewards points.  

5. Choosing a Subpar Florist 

Finally, make sure that you choose an excellent florist to do business with. Go with a professional that has an incredible selection, along with quality service. They can also put together special customizations if you’re buying flowers for wives or other occasions.  

Check out this flower shop and learn what kind of selection they have. 

Avoid These Flower Buying Mistakes

These flower buying mistakes are actually quite common. You’ll always get what you want out of your flower purchase when you avoid these mistakes at all costs. From there, find the help of a flower shop that is professional and pays attention to detail. 

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