4 Marketing Strategies for Divorce Lawyers

Are you a divorce lawyer who’s trying to grow your practice? Do you know that you’re great at what you do but you’re not getting any new clients?

Your problem might be in how you’re marketing yourself.

Divorce lawyers need a marketing strategy just like any other business owner. If you don’t have marketing know-how, though, this might seem complicated.

We’re here to talk about it. Keep reading for our top marketing strategies for divorce lawyers.  

1. Focus on Local Marketing

As a lawyer, you’re focusing on potential clients who already live in your general area (or who are moving to your area soon). Divorce lawyers are common enough that people don’t tend to look outside of their own cities to find one. 

You want your divorce lawyer ads to target locals, but how do you do that?

One of the best ways to target people within your local area is to use local keywords. For example, if you live and practice in Detroit, you’d use keywords like “divorce lawyer in Detroit, Michigan.”

You should also make sure that your Google My Business page has accurate location information. 

2. Consider Traditional Marketing Options

While digital marketing is all the rage right now, lawyers who want to find local customers can also benefit from traditional marketing options.

Never forget the usefulness of a good business card. People can pass these cards around from businesses and you may have a previous client that offers your card to a friend in need. 

Traditional marketing isn’t dead but you need to know how to use it to your advantage.

3. Advertise All of Your Services

As a lawyer, do you only cover divorce? Do you offer other services as well?

Even if your primary focus is divorce, it’s helpful to also advertise anything else that you’re able to do. Many divorce lawyers are all-around experts in family law, and this is important. If people are looking for a family lawyer, they can find you. 

Make sure that you talk about things like alimony and child support while you’re creating your website so that someone who’s looking for help in these areas will know that you’re available. 

Even if these services aren’t your favorite to take care of, advertising them will bring you more potential clients. 

4. Use Content to Your Advantage

Do you already do content marketing? If not, you’re behind the curve. 

Using blogs is one of the best ways to move your practice up the search engine rankings. You can use local keywords in these posts as well.

Your goal is to create helpful content for people who are searching for answers. While using keywords will help your business, making helpful content will also make you look like an authority in your field (which builds customer trust). 

In 2021, blogs are marketing tools. Use them for your divorce lawyer marketing needs.

Divorce Lawyers Need to Market, Too 

Many divorce lawyers mistakenly believe that they can coast by with word-of-mouth alone. Even the best lawyer needs to improve their marketing strategy in 2021 when there’s so much competition. 

If you know that you have a lot to offer as a divorce attorney, start marketing your skills today.

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