3 Tips for Choosing Digital Marketing Services

The digital marketing sector will be worth over $450 billion by 2022. Even if your business only gets a tiny share of that, it can still be pretty lucrative.

It’s not as simple as throwing up a website and waiting for customers to come knocking though. You need an effective digital marketing strategy to reach them.

Let’s look at 3 tips for choosing the best digital marketing services.

1. What Kind of Experience Does the Agency Have?

When considering a digital marketing services company, it’s important to check what kind of experience they have. There are several questions you should ask before making your choice, including:

  • How long have they been providing marketing services?
  • What ad platforms are they familiar with?
  • Have they worked through many Google algorithm updates?
  • How do they market their own business?

Digital marketing includes several strategies, including paid advertising, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). While you don’t have to target all of them to be successful, working with a company that’s familiar with them all gives you more opportunities.

If you’re not clear about what the differences are, it’s a good idea to learn more about SEO and the other strategies so you can have an educated conversation when comparing agencies.

2. Does the Digital Marketing Service Company Understand Your Industry?

Some digital marketing services work with clients in any industry while others specialize in particular markets. While you don’t have to work with an agency that focuses on your industry, it does have some advantages.

If they’re familiar with your industry, they’ll have a better handle on the competitive landscape. This will help them market your company more effectively since they already know what your competition is doing.

If you work in a regulated industry like finance or healthcare, this can be even more important. There may be laws and regulations that restrict how you market your company. If the digital marketing agency you’re working with isn’t familiar with those rules, it could get you into trouble.

3. Check Their Reviews and Results

A digital marketing agency should be able to provide examples of results they’ve achieved for other clients. They may not share specifics to keep their clients’ details private but they should be able to provide you with some general results.

For example, if you’re considering working with them on an SEO campaign, they should be able to give you hard data about past successes. For SEO, this would mean some examples of where they’ve been able to rank pages in Google — ideally in the top 3 to 5 results.

Check their online reviews as well. If they have a Google My Business page (any respectable digital agency will) you should find reviews there from past clients. Check their Facebook Page as well, assuming they have a presence there.

If you can’t find any reviews, it’s a good sign that they don’t have a lot of experience.

Don’t Rush Into Choosing a Digital Marketing Services Agency

When you start your search, you’ll find there are a lot of digital marketing services to choose from. Don’t make a snap decision to avoid getting overwhelmed though.

The time you spend researching and comparing agencies will pay for itself many times over if you make the right choice.

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