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3 Things Every New Investor Needs To Know

More and more people are grabbing the bull by the horns and taking their first steps into investing. Managing your own financial future is empowering, and the potential for a new revenue stream is too great to be ignored. Making money from investments is not easy, but with patience and lots of research, anyone can be successful in the market. Here are a few things you should know more about before you get started.

Time Is Money

No matter what type of investing you are interested in, timing is everything. If you miss out on an opportunity to invest at a good price you will never get the same opportunity again. Stocks, bonds, and commodities; it is all the same. The most important habit for successful investors is sticking to a schedule and organizing your calendar to make sure you are ready to trade when the right time comes. 

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The Importance Of Diversification

You don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, or so the saying goes. This is what diversification is all about. If you invested all of your funds into one financial product, such as a commodity, and the price suddenly drops or that market crashes you have lost everything. By spreading your money around and choosing a wider variety of investments you are protecting yourself from losing it all on one product.

The smartest investors diversify their portfolios and use strategies that keep their investments ‘ring fenced’ from one another. This means that they do not invest in financial products like stocks that will be affected by the same market forces. Investing in multiple tech stocks is not diversification, for example, as a big problem in the tech market will affect the values of all stocks in the sector. Diversifying would include some tech stocks, some commodities like gold and silver, and some real estate investments.

Hedging Your Bets

Many people will have heard of a ‘hedge fund’ but not know what one is. Hedging is similar to diversification, but there is a more nuanced strategy at work. A hedge fund may invest heavily in one company that has an upcoming product that they think will be very successful. To protect itself against failure, the hedge fund will also invest a smaller amount in another stock which will rise in price if the first stock loses value.

If the big bet on the company succeeds, it is a big win for the hedge fund. If the stock value of the company falls and its new product is not successful, the profit they make on its hedge investment should cover any losses. This ‘hedge’ protects the fund. In an ideal world, both investments make a good return and the hedge fund is even more profitable than forecasted. 

When you first invest money in a financial product, start small. You will make mistakes early on, so try to make them with smaller amounts of money and learn from your failures. In time, your portfolio will grow and you will build a nest egg for your future.