What Is a Human Design Chart? How Can It Help You Become More Self-Aware?

Human Design shows that you can live extraordinarily by recognizing your innate gifts and mastering them accordingly – “being self-aware.” The Human Design chart combines philosophy and science that synthesizes the ancient teachings of India, China, and Greece with contemporary science. It provides a comprehensive map of human potential and the dynamics of mastery via the archetypal patterns inherent in life.

All one needs to do is find their own pathway using their design chart. Discovering your extraordinary self via your human design will help you manifest your true purpose or dharma — and live up to your full potential.


How does a human design chart help you become more self-aware?


Become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and immediate desires.

You’re already aware of what you’re good at and what you struggle with, but do you also know your strengths? Your weaknesses? And your immediate desires (mainly for love, self-development, and career)? Human Design helps you better know yourself by making these things visible.

It shows which spheres or fields of experience are the most important to focus on. Where is the core of your being? It determines whether any experience is necessary or unnecessary. For example, relationships can be necessary for your life; however, it’s unnecessary if they create negative vibrations.


Design your life and career

No person exists in isolation. Life has a greater meaning to it, and so does every other aspect of it. Human design teaches you how to work with others, feel the connection and get along with those you interact with. It shows how to organize your life the way it should be to have a more pleasant and fulfilling experience.


Learn about who you are

Human design helps you understand your identity, who you are as a person, and why you exist on this planet. It reveals which dimension you’re engrossed in and your soul’s purpose for being here on earth at this time in history.

Live a more purposeful life.

Human design encourages you to be more innovative and creative in your life and career. It shows how to find your own path, which may differ from other people’s. The design also indicates the importance of living with balance, as it helps you understand why certain things don’t work for you. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that what someone else does is right – it just means that they’re living with different priorities than yourself.


Live as a spiritual being in daily life.

Human design is like religion for many on this planet. It’s also a new way of understanding and experiencing spirituality based on science and yet directly connected to ancestral traditions from around the world.



Human Design teaches that it’s possible to live an extraordinary life by recognizing your innate gifts and mastering them accordingly. All one needs to do is find their pathway using their Human Design chart. It shows which kinds of people are compatible with you and why – and which careers, relationships, health practices, and more will work for you. It also shows which things are unnecessary for you in your life because they don’t resonate with the core of your being.