What Does CBD Feel Like Exactly? A Beginner’s Guide

They can’t can cannabidiol any longer. More than 60% of CBD users consume the compound for medicinal reasons. More than one-third of users say it manages their medical problems by itself.

Many people know of the strong benefits of CBD. But they don’t know enough about it. 

What does CBD feel like? How long does CBD last? What kinds of CBD products are available to Americans? 

Answer these questions and you can take advantage of this incredible compound for yourself. Here is your quick guide.

The Timeline for CBD

Each person experiences CBD differently. In general, the effects of CBD begin within an hour of taking CBD. Some people may experience the effects within 30 minutes. 

The effects can last for a couple of hours, depending on what a person does and how much they take. Someone may feel more calm or tired than they were before.

The benefits of CBD may be apparent after the first consumption. Yet CBD’s effects on anxiety and pain can take a few days to set in. 

CBD behaves in a biphasic fashion. A moderate amount of the compound will produce peak effects. If you take too much, you receive less prominent effects because your body is developing a tolerance for it. 

Types of CBD

The experience of CBD also depends on the type you take. Hemp CBD contains a low amount of THC, the chemical in marijuana that creates the high. Marijuana contains a lot of THC, so taking marijuana CBD can get you high.

Full-spectrum CBD contains many chemicals inside of it, including THC. This can get you high, but CBD works best when other compounds accompany it. You can take broad-spectrum CBD that does not have THC, yet the CBD will be less effective.

Forms of CBD

You can take CBD in several different forms. Oil or tincture is CBD in liquid form. The bottle has a dropper in it, so you can mix a few drops into a glass of water or under your tongue.

The area beneath your tongue contains numerous small blood cells. Placing CBD here will distribute the chemical throughout your body, letting you feel an almost immediate high. The oil may have a strong taste to it, so drink a glass of water after you take it.

You can also swallow a capsule. This may be easier to take than oil, though you won’t feel effects until you digest it. 

Smoking CBD lets you absorb the chemical right away. But it can damage your lungs over time, especially if you use a vape. 

So What Does CBD Feel Like? 

Many people have questions about CBD. What does CBD feel like? It depends on how you take it, but it can mellow a person out and relieve their anxiety. 

When do effects surface? Most people can experience effects within an hour of taking it.

What types of CBD are there? Full-spectrum CBD combines different compounds together, which can result in someone feeling high. You can also take the compound in oil or pills, which can elicit fast effects. 

Be mindful of all marijuana products. Read more marijuana guides by following our coverage.