Top 5 Reasons to Shop at a Furniture Store With Excellent Customer Service

Shopping for furniture can be difficult. There are thousands of stores, online and in-person, all vying for your attention. Before purchasing, carefully inspect photos from every angle and read the descriptions. Ask about materials and care tips to ensure your chosen piece will stand up to sticky fingers and muddy dog paws.

Personal Attention

A furniture purchase is a significant investment; customers want to know they’re supported after the sale. Providing excellent Joybird customer service is a good way to foster loyalty and boost repeat sales. Local furniture stores can be more flexible in their offerings and adapt to changing conditions than large chain retailers. They can quickly offer to buy online pick-up in-store and same-day delivery options that make shopping easy and convenient for customers. In-store customer service desks were created to meet the practical need of writing up purchases and completing paperwork. Still, with the rise of new technologies like digital checkout, many retailers are reimagining their physical customer service areas into places for conversation and relaxed decision-making. This helps set them apart from their competitors.

Convenient Payment Options

The furniture and home decor items we select to do more than fill spaces; they transform homes and offices into personal havens. And choosing the right pieces can take a long time.

Purchasing furniture from a store can be an exhausting experience for shoppers who feel overwhelmed or pressured. That is why furniture stores with excellent customer service make the difference between customers returning and finding a new alternative. In a retail environment where consumers can easily find various Joybird reviews and home furnishings online, furniture stores must stand out with convenient payment options. This means reimagining the customer service areas of their stores to offer a seamless and easy shopping experience. They also need to provide a variety of payment methods so that shoppers can choose the option that suits them best.

Fast and Easy Returns

With housing sales at 14-year industry highs, furniture stores are in more demand than ever. But competition is stiff, with thousands of furniture styles vying for shoppers’ attention.

Some customers want to stroll around a large showroom, discovering new pieces that interest them, but others know exactly what they’re looking for and need to find it quickly. Touchscreens or kiosks that act as a high-tech catalog can be invaluable for this customer. Then there’s the delivery process to consider. If a piece of furniture arrives at a customer’s door broken or in need of repair, it can be a frustrating experience for everyone involved. For this reason, furniture store owners must keep a close eye on their delivery logistics and offer fast, easy returns.

Convenient Locations

Traditionally, furniture retailers set themselves apart with customer service, creating rapport, and building relationships with shoppers. As online shopping grows, retailers improve and reimagine their in-store customer service amenities. For example, modern furniture retailer allows shoppers to shop by look and type of piece, making it easier to find exactly what they want. The site also offers fabric swatches for those needing color or texture clarification. Other company also sells bundles that provide a chic, cohesive look at a discounted price.