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Top 5 Landscaping Ideas That Are Simple To Implement but Look Great, Too

Does your yard need an update? If so, you’re at the right place.

Like many Americans, you’ve most likely been living in a bubble of stay-at-home safety and social distance in the last couple of years. That’s started to change lately, with people looking to grow plants and go outside again.

Whether you’re one of them, or whether you’ve simply found yourself wishing your yard was less boring lately, read on. We’re going to look at 5 landscaping ideas simple to implement but look great too. Let’s get started!

1. Avoid Annuals

When it comes to landscaping ideas that look great while still being easy to implement, avoiding annuals should be a priority. Annuals require special care and attention when it comes to getting them planted and up-kept.

For an easier approach to your landscaping, consider perennials, evergreens and shrubs instead. Perennials are environmentally friendly, especially native varieties, because they don’t require replanting each year. 

2. Fill Gaps with Large Grasses

Fill gaps with large grasses is a great way to add some style and beauty to your landscape without investing too much time or effort. Using grasses that are meant for large spaces, such as ornamental varieties or low-maintenance varieties, can bring a great look to any setting.

They can give a sense of refinement to a minimalist setting while also providing an element of contrast with accent colors. Furthermore, unlike other plants, grasses don’t need regular pruning or maintenance and can be planted in as little as a day. 

3. Limit Types of Plants

By selecting a few trees and shrubs that are compatible with your climate, you can create a unified look with less maintenance. By using fewer plants, you’ll also save money on planting supplies and watering costs.

You can also choose hardy native plants that are low-maintenance and can handle different types of climates and weather conditions. Once you’ve chosen your primary plants, you can layer in other ground covers and accessories for added texture and interest. 

4. Densely Planting to Cut Weeds

Adding densely planted flower beds is an effective and simple way to control weeds in a landscape. When planting flowers or ground covers, it is important to choose varieties of plants that are compatible and to space them no more than 6 to 8 inches apart.

This close planting will help limit the radius of each plants root system and draw additional nutrients and moisture away from surrounding weeds. The lack of space and available resources will inhibit many weeds from competing in the area and provide a weed reduction and prevention solution. 

5. Deter Weeds with Cardboard

Cardboard is an effective way to smother weeds in your lawn and garden naturally and is easy to maintain. You have to lay the cardboard directly on the area you’re looking to cover and only water it when it becomes dry and it will slowly begin to break down.

You can essentially use all types of cardboard- a thick layer would be more effective in the long run. Weeds won’t be able to pass through the layers and won’t get direct sunlight, blocking them from growing. Click for landscaping services to get this started.

Consider These Landscaping Ideas Simple

Landscaping doesn’t need to be complex or expensive to look great. Get started on your landscaping project today to create a garden that is both visually pleasing and easy to maintain.

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