Top 4 Ways to Achieve Better Sex for Married Couples

After being married for a while, it can be difficult to keep up your sex life. Most married couples stop having sex as frequently. In some cases, they stop having sex altogether. 

However, there are countless physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of sex. Sex for married couples can maintain the depth of the relationship, improve self-confidence, and ward off things like depression and anxiety. It can also be great exercise. 

Therefore, if your sex life is dwindling, it’s important to do what you can to keep things active and spicy. We can help. Keep reading to learn how to have a better sex life, whether you’ve been married for two years or 20 years.

1. Rekindle Your Romance

First, sex for married couples often gets put on the backburner as a result of a lack of romance in the relationship. At the beginning of a relationship, both partners do what they can to make the other person feel desired and important. 

While your feelings for your partner may not have changed, it’s likely that you make less of an effort to express those feelings. You’ve learned to take their love for granted. 

To have a better sex life, try rekindling the old romantic flames that once drove your relationship. Go on date nights, give your partner a sensual massage, write them love notes, etc. 

2. Have a Conversation About Sex

Next, consider talking about sex with your spouse. Make sure they know it’s important to you to stay physically sexual with one another.

Additionally, use this time to open up about sexual fantasies and desires. Make sure they know they can express their feelings as well. 

You can talk about trying different sexual positions, what turns you on, and more. You may even decide to start taking sex classes. 

3. Play Around With New Sex Toys

Spicing things up in the bedroom can be as simple as experimenting with new sex toys, lotions, creams, and oils. Sex toys can improve sex for married couples by introducing an erotic twist on time spend in bed. If you are a bit shy to shop for toys in a shop, yu can always look online a stores like XShopKR.

You can also use different types of toys to explore sexual kinks. Use oils and creams to enhance sensual stimulation for both people. Shop these products to get a good idea of what’s available on the market.

4. Dive Into Role Play

Finally, if you’re looking for a better sex life, get creative. One of the reasons that people stop having sex several years into a marriage is because it’s boring. Sleeping with the same person over and over again gets predictable and monotonous. 

However, instead of looking for different partners or considering an affair, try rolepalying. By becoming different characters and taking on different roles, it will be like sleeping with a different person, without compromising your integrity. 

Talk to your spouse about the types of roleplay you’re interested in. Take turns choosing themes, costumes, and scenarios. 

Want More Tips on Sex for Married Couples?

If you feel like your marriage is in trouble because of a dying sex life, there’s still hope. Don’t throw in the towel, consider an affair, or give up on the relationship. Try the tips listed above on better sex for married couples to spice things up. 

And if you’re looking for more advice on relationships, sex, or any other personal topic, stick around. Read through some of our other articles before you go to find more valuable insight.