The Ultimate Guide to DAB Rig Accessories

A dab rig is the best way to vaporize and enjoy cannabis concentrates, also known as dabs. These are super-potent oils that contain cannabinoids and other compounds.

A dabs rig looks much like a traditional water pipe but is more compact and often comes with unique inner chambers called percolators that filter and excellent vapor.

Nail & Coil Set

Dabbing is a popular and convenient way to consume cannabis concentrates. To do so, users must have a dab rig and appropriate accessories. These accessories include bangers, atomizers, carb caps, and dabbers. They vary in size, material, brand, and price. The best accessory set depends on the user’s preferences, needs, and budget.

A dabber tool is the most critical dabbing accessory for any rig. These tools are made from a non-stick material and are easy to clean. They also have a long handle to reduce hand fatigue and help the user maintain a steady grip on the nail or atomizer.

Another essential accessory is the nail. This piece is responsible for heating the dabs. Standard nails come in various sizes and materials, including titanium, quartz, and quartz hybrid. Some also feature a carb cap for more efficient use and to protect the nail from unwanted debris during dabbing.

A dab nail can be heated with either butane or propane torches. Many users prefer the butane torch as it offers more control over the nail heating than propane. A butane torch is also safer since it produces less heat.

Carb Cap

As dabbing evolves, new accessories that enhance vaporization and help users get even more flavorful hits keep popping up. The carb cap is one of the dab rig accessories that has become a staple.

A carb cap is a small lid that fits over the nail or banger on a dab rig. The small accessory helps regulate temperature and airflow, essential for an entirely concentrated taste.

Carb caps are typically made from heat-resistant materials like quartz or glass and come in various shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one for your banger depends on how you plan to use it and your dab nail style. For example, some carb caps work best with domeless nails, and others require a curved or dome nail.

Some of the most popular carb cap options include directional flow and spinner caps that allow you to rotate your carb cap to create a vortex inside your banger for more effective vaporization. You can also opt for a bubble carb cap, which works well with flat-top nails and has a fun design that makes it a great addition to your dab rig.


A dab torch is used to heat the banger on a dab rig. Many types of torches are available on the market, so make sure you pick one that is reliable and easy to use. Dab torches are typically butane-powered and produce a high-temperature flame. They can be bought from many online retailers, but it is important to choose a quality brand.

A banger is a dish-like accessory that holds the marijuana concentrates on the dab rig. They can be made of glass, ceramic, titanium, or quartz and vary in size, price, and durability. Some are designed to attach to an atomizer coil, while others require a separate heating element.

Dabbing is a popular alternative to smoking flowers, but it requires a different type of equipment. The right accessories will help you enjoy the experience and get the best results. So, if you’re considering trying out this new way to smoke, consider getting some of these must-have accessories. Then, you can start enjoying your dabs to the fullest! You won’t regret it.


Dabbing has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years and offers a unique experience and flavor for cannabis consumers. But for a true dabber, you’ll want to add critical accessories to your rig to help you maximize your experience.

Until e-nails emerged, dabs required an ignition source to heat the nail, which was difficult to control for consistency. Too much heat burned the concentrate, and too little resulted in an ineffective vaporization. An e-nail eliminates this problem by using a ceramic heating element connected to a power source (battery for portable models or wall plug for tabletop ones) that heats a nail to a set temperature.

When choosing an e-nail, dabbers prefer flat coils over barrel-style heating coils, as they offer more direct and efficient heating of the bottom surface. Additionally, dabbers typically use bangers when pairing with an e-nail. A good banger is generally a short, cylindrical, bucket-shaped piece with a wide rim around the bottom to allow for easy wax removal and reduce the risk of spillage.

Nectar Collector

Dabbing has become a popular way of enjoying cannabis concentrates thanks to its faster, cleaner, and more intense high. Check out a nectar collector for those looking to take their dabbing experience on the go without carrying around an entire rig.

Nectar collectors are small glass attachments resembling straws, allowing users to inhale vapor from their dabs cleanly. They are a perfect addition to a dab rig as they remove the need to load waxes onto a nail or banger. Most nectar collectors feature a glass bowl and a mouthpiece, but some offer an additional chamber where users can place a coil to heat their concentrates before inhaling them.

The best electronic nectar collectors are designed to pair effortlessly with 510-thread vape batteries, making them an excellent accessory for those who enjoy taking their dabbing sessions on the go. For example, the ConNectar Mini is a perfect choice because it expertly transforms any 510-thread vape battery into a sleek, straightforward dab straw ready to take you anywhere.