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The Perks of a Boeing Job

Whether you work at Boeing’s headquarters in Arlington, VA, or one of the many other locations around the country, you will receive a complete compensation package that includes perks like health insurance, retirement savings, and investment opportunities. Financial professionals specializing in helping Boeing employees get the most value from their pay and benefits can help you with questions about your retirement planning, estate plan, and other important financial topics.

Employee Assistance Program

Whether you are interested in getting help with a personal issue or need advice on investing, Boeing’s Employee Assistance Program can help. It is designed to provide employees and their families the support they need. Additionally, the firm offers other boeing employee benefits, including help with tuition and surrogacy.

The company’s health insurance program is an additional benefit. The business has joined with a regional system to raise the standard of treatment and lower the cost. To stick to your budget, you can choose from various approaches.

Health Insurance

Aside from a 401(k), medical, dentistry, and vision insurance, flexible spending accounts, short-term disability insurance, and paid time off for vacation, illness, or jury duty, the company also offers a competitive benefits package. Employees can also receive quarterly bonuses and competitive base pay. The company also provides employees with investment opportunities and free financial counseling. In addition, it offers tuition assistance and a surrogacy program to help employees grow their families.

It also partnered with MemorialCare to create a new healthcare option called the Preferred Partnership. The new plan will grant freedom to select specialists inside the network without a referral, full coverage of generic pharmaceuticals, no copays for primary-care office visits, and no copays for specialists outside the network. The company is also increasing its contribution to workers’ health savings accounts. Many of these changes will be available to employees starting Nov. 1, when annual enrollment opens. Financial professionals specializing in helping Boeing employees make the most of their compensation and benefits can help answer questions.

Paid Time Off

A great paid time off policy is one of the most important perks any company can offer its employees. It can help them find a work-life balance, improve morale, and reduce employee absenteeism.

The most common paid time off policies include sick days, vacation days, and personal leave. While employers must have a robust time off policy, they must also clearly distinguish between these different types of rest.

Typically, PTO accrues for a year and can be rolled over or used at an employer’s discretion. Sick and vacation leave are more structured, with specific parameters for each.

In addition to paid time off, Boeing offers a variety of other benefits, including financial counseling, tuition reimbursement, and future investment plans. They also provide many compulsory national holidays and flexible floating holiday days. The company also encourages employees to fulfill their civic duties by providing paid time off for jury duty and temporary military service.


Boeing offers its employees generous paid holidays, including national holidays and a week off between Christmas and New Year’s. The company also provides a flexible schedule that allows employees to work from home. Employees are given vacation time based on their position and tenure at the company.

The company’s retirement program allows employees to invest in their future through a 401(k). Boeing also provides employees with financial counseling and tuition reimbursement. Additionally, the corporation offers employee discounts on lodging, appliances, theme parks, and travel.

While most employees rate their experience working at Boeing highly, some have complained that upper management is not supportive of its staff. Some employees have even expressed a feeling of being suffocated by the bureaucracy at the company.