Should You Hire a Hire Social Media Manager? Yes, and Here’s Why

Back in 2005, only 5% of American adults used at least one social media platform. Today, about 72% of the public uses some form of social media. In fact, about 70% of Facebook users and 60% of Instagram users stay social at least once a day.

Social media marketing will help you engage your target audience in real-time. Without a social media marketing strategy, you’re missing opportunities to reach customers. Thankfully, you don’t have to start strategizing alone.

Instead, hire a social media manager this year. You can leverage their experience and expertise to develop a stronger strategy.

On the fence about social media management? Here are nine reasons to give it serious thought. After reading this guide, you can make a more informed choice for your business.

Read on to discover the top reasons to hire a social media manager today!

1. Experienced Experts

How much experience do you have developing a strong, effective social media marketing strategy? You’re already trying to build your business and help clients. You shouldn’t have to become a social media expert, too.

Instead of wasting time trying to learn the ropes, consider social media management.

You can rely on an experienced social media professional’s expertise. You can leverage their previous experience to make more informed choices.

Otherwise, you might have to learn through trial and error. During that time, you could miss opportunities to reach customers. You might make costly mistakes while strategizing, too.

Before that can happen, look for someone with years of social media management experience. Consider the companies they’ve helped in the past.

Look for someone with pay-per-click advertising experience. Their experience with Facebook and Google Ads can boost your online reach.

If you can, find someone with experience helping businesses like yours.

These social media experts will have a better understanding of your industry and customers. They’ll also understand social media trends that are relevant to your target audience.

Otherwise, your social media strategy might start to look outdated or irrelevant. Consumers might struggle to connect with your content. 

You can rely on a social media manager to make informed decisions regarding your campaigns. They can act as a reputable resource, helping you avoid potential mistakes. 

2. Smarter Strategies

Some businesses begin marketing on social media without developing a plan first. Unfortunately, posting at random could cost you followers. Remember, consumers might find your posts aren’t relevant to their interests. 

In fact, over 70% of people get annoyed when content doesn’t align with their interests. Over 50% will switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize communications. 

Understanding your target audience is key to personalizing your marketing strategy. In fact, 73% of people expect companies to understand their needs. Personalization could boost your ROI by eight times the amount, too. 

Working with a social media manager will help you gather the research you need. Then, you can start strategizing.

Make sure they start by developing SMART goals. These goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Results-Driven
  • Timely

For example, they might strive to increase your follower count by 10% before March using video content. 

Then, make sure they establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for each goal. KPIs will help you track the progress of your efforts. For example, you can track followers, likes, or shares.

Tracking your progress will help you determine which marketing methods are working. Then, you can make adjustments to your campaigns. 

Research-Based Decisions

If you want to develop a strong, effective social media marketing strategy, hire a social media manager who relies on research. Their research-based decisions will better inform your campaigns. 

The average American has about 7 social media accounts. Every social media platform requires its own strategy, though. 

For example, most Instagram users look for fun, engaging content. You wouldn’t share the same post on Instagram that you would on LinkedIn. LinkedIn users look for professional content.

You can work with an experienced social media pro to develop a strategy for each platform.

You can also segment your target audience to create content with each buyer persona in mind. You can segment customers based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Buying behaviors
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Household income
  • Career
  • Language
  • Education

Segmenting your audience will help you personalize your content. Personalization will help you better connect with consumers. They’ll see that you understand their needs and interests. 

Your social media manager can also research your competitors. You can determine which tactics your competitors use to reach customers. 

For example, perhaps your competitors are focused on memes. Maybe they’re neglecting to create video content.

You can start using video posts to attract and engage potential customers online. 

Working with a social media expert could give you a competitive advantage on social media. 

3. High-Quality Content

As part of a strong social media marketing strategy, you need engaging, high-quality content. Creating high-quality posts takes time, though. That’s time you could spend on your customers instead.

Before you start wasting time and money creating content, consider hiring a social media manager. They can create content with your target audience in mind.

They already have access to the tools, resources, and training necessary to create quality posts, too.

Make sure you choose a social media manager who can diversify your content. For example, they might create still images, animations, or videos. Make sure they can take branded photos of your business as well.

Creating unique imagery will help your brand stand out online. 

Your social media manager can also create your captions and determine which hashtags to use. They can schedule your posts using a content manager to save you valuable time as well. 

4. Expand Your Reach

It sometimes takes over five impressions in front of a customer before they remember your brand. Repetition is key to building brand awareness. With social media management, you can gain the exposure you need.

Your social media expert will help you expand your reach. They can use a combination of hashtags to make sure you’re reaching ideal customers.

As more people see your social media posts, brand recognition will grow.

You’ll have an easier time remaining top-of-mind with customers as a result. 

5. Generate Engagement

Consumers won’t engage with your posts if they can’t find you online. Remember, they’ll also turn away if your posts don’t appeal to their interests. Without social media engagement, you could struggle to stand out online.

Hire a social media manager who has experience generating social media engagement. Ask about some of the clients they helped in the past, too. Which tactics worked to boost engagement?

For example, your social media expert might suggest hosting a contest. You can encourage consumers to tag friends in the post to apply. With each tag, you’re generating engagement and expanding your reach online. 

6. Save Time

Remember, social media management can become time-consuming, especially if you’re just learning the ropes. That’s time you could dedicate to your customers instead. Rather than wasting time, consider hiring a social media expert.

They can manage daily responsibilities for you. For example, they can handle strategizing and planning campaigns. They can gather research and start creating your posts.

They can also respond to any comments or messages you receive through social media.

Responding to your customers immediately will improve their user experience. Consumers will appreciate your immediate responses. They’ll learn to rely on your brand when they need help.

You won’t have to dedicate hours to social media anymore. Instead, you can rely on one expert to handle it for you. 

7. Remain Consistent

Having one person manage your social media accounts will ensure consistency. Otherwise, your branding might look different across each platform. Your brand voice and tone might seem different as well.

Remaining consistent across all marketing channels will help brand recognition grow. Otherwise, consumers might think you’re two different businesses. 

8. Reliability

In some cases, you’ll need immediate help with social media. You can hire a social media manager for peace of mind. They’ll remain available to offer help when you need it.

Their reliability will ensure you never miss an opportunity.

A reliable social media manager will also become a reliable resource to your customers. Remember, consumers want immediate answers to their questions. They won’t have to wait for someone to respond anymore.

Having a reliable source of help could keep customers coming back for more. 

9. Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing your social media management is also cost-effective. Saving time will help you save money. You can focus on bigger tasks to help your business grow.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about making costly mistakes when marketing on social media, either. Instead, your social media manager will handle your campaigns. If there’s a problem, they’ll make changes right away.

They can analyze the results of your campaigns to pinpoint new opportunities and trends. Then, they can optimize your campaigns for better results, improving your ROI.  

Stay Social: 9 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager ASAP

Social media marketing doesn’t have to feel like a hassle this year. Instead, hire a social media manager. With their experience and expertise, you can make more informed marketing decisions.

Then, you can reach customers online, gain a following, and start growing your business.

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