Not Having a Business Instagram Account Is a Missed Opportunity

Did you know that in 2020, individual Americans spent an average of about 1,300 hours of their year using social media? This averages out to approximately three and a half hours per day!

If you aren’t using social media in your business marketing strategy, you should be. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity for you to connect with your target audience.

Read on to learn why putting your business on Instagram is the move you need to make to build a following and take your business to the next level.

Instagram Is a Visual Platform

The major advantage to Instagram (as opposed to Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms) is that Instagram is a visual platform. If you excel at creating engaging photo or video content, Instagram is the platform for you.

Even if the photos you take are of medium quality, Instagram has built-in filters that you can add to your original photos to make them pop.

It’s Where Your Target Market Is

No matter who your target market is, they are using social media for at least a few hours during their week.

Instead of trying to take their attention away from their devices, put your business on Instagram and bring your brand directly to them!

The vast majority of the users on Instagram are between the ages of 18 and 34. This is a large part of the population that has buying power. Especially if your product is marketed towards young adults, early- to mid-career professionals, or new parents, you should be using Instagram to reach them.

It Has Built-In Business Marketing Tools

For new and small businesses, marketing and advertising tend to get the fewest financial resources. Thankfully, many tools are built directly into Instagram’s platform to help you market your business.

Many of Instagram’s basic features connect you with people interested in the same topics as you or located in your geographic region. These features, such as hashtags and geotagging, are available on all profile types. You can also run product giveaways on your profile and share content on your stories to help personalize your brand.

Some of the marketing features on Instagram are specific to business pages, such as Instagram shopping. These offer you more profit-building potential than the standard features alone.

On business pages, Instagram also lets you track engagement on your posts, stories, and live videos. This helps you see which pieces of your content are most engaging to your audience.

All these Instagram features for small businesses are freely available to you, so why not use them?

Turn This Missed Opportunity Into Your Next Big Move

Hopefully, you’re now convinced that not having an Instagram account is a missed opportunity for your business. By creating an Instagram account for your business today, you’re taking the first step toward using social media to take your business marketing to the next level.

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