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Maximizing Space: Creative Ways to Utilize Corner Kitchen Storage Cabinets

A corner cabinet can be one of the most challenging areas in the kitchen. Also known as blind corners, these spaces can be hard to reach and often end up with items that never get used.

Organizing these cabinets is a great way to make the most of your space and add a unique design element to your kitchen. Try these clever storage ideas to keep your corner cabinets organized and clutter-free.

Lazy Susans

One of the most common ways to use a corner kitchen storage cabinet best is to utilize a classic lazy Susan. These rotating shelves offer a way to easily access items in the back of the cabinets that are difficult to reach otherwise. They come in various shapes, including pie-cut, kidney-shaped, half-moon, and full-circle, to fit different cabinet configurations.

These turntables can be used to store various items but are especially ideal for smaller items that are often misplaced or hard to find, such as spices, oils, measuring spoons/cups, and medicines. They are also available in various styles and finishes to match almost any budget or design aesthetic.

If you’re tired of seeing piles of trash on your kitchen counter or in the corner of your pantry, consider tucking a pull-out waste container system into this dead space. This allows you to get rid of your trash without needing a trip to the dumpster and is a convenient way to eliminate clutter from the room.

Tuck Away Trash

The kitchen is the heart of our home, and efficient storage in the corner cabinets can make all the difference when maximizing daily functionality. However, many corners — called blind cabinets because they exist where two cabinet runs meet — are often neglected and hard to access. Professional organizers note that these spaces can quickly become a collection point for nonessential items and even forgotten or unused kitchen tools like oversized potato mashers.

Fortunately, several solutions can eliminate this problem and transform these underused areas into practical, accessible storage. Whether you opt for a pull-out drawer or a lazy susan, either option can solve the cluttered and inaccessible space typical of blind cabinets. Another great option is a floor-to-ceiling corner pantry. This can include lower, deeper drawers to store pots and pans and above-counter open cubbies that work well for cookbooks. This type of design allows for versatile storage that can be adjusted as your needs change over time without the visual disruption of a complete change to all-new kitchen cabinetry.

Turnable Storage Containers

The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in your home, so a smooth storage system is vital. It can be tricky to keep track of all your utensils and pantry items, mainly when you need more storage space. Luckily, there are some creative ways to utilize your corner cabinets.

Many professional organizers recommend putting drawer dividers in your corner cabinets to help keep everything organized and accessible. This will also prevent you from cramming items into the corners where they can get lost or damaged.

Another popular option for maximizing space in your corner cabinet is to install a lazy Susan. These shelves rotate to make reaching what’s in the back of your cabinet easier. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can find the perfect fit for your corner cabinet. They can be installed in the lower or upper corner of your cabinet and made of wood to match your existing cabinetry.