Lifestyle Trends in 2022

Societies have been developing trends since time began and that in itself is a trend, as fashions and fads come and go while the universe continues to expand. We thought we’d take a look at lifestyle trends that we see here in Australia and are likely to be with us for a few years.

  • The metaverse – A digital universe where the rules of physics don’t apply; virtual reality will play a part in all our lives and VR headsets are already flying off the shelves and software developers are pulling out all the stops to bring us next level virtual experience on the metaverse. If you’re into bondage, there will be a virtual landscape where you can experience your wildest fetish; will it compare to the real thing? Only time will tell.
  • Group holidays – There’s nothing worse than going to a strange place and not knowing anyone and when you return home, you have to tell all your friends about your holiday; why not all go together? 15-20 people is not unusual and whether a cruise, a safari, or a homestay, it is much cheaper when you have a group.
  • Real time video calls – Most people spend at least 30 minutes a day in a VoIP call or live streaming to their friends, which is the next level up from cell networks. The digital nomads of this world rely heavily on the web and conduct their business using Zoom; the pandemic accelerated the use of video calls and people find it so convenient to connect with others.
  • Camping – Let’s face it, we have the best in terms of natural beauty and more Australians than ever before are sleeping under the stars. Tech empowers the traveller, with solar blankets to provide power, GPS maps and LED illumination; 21st century camping has a comfort level not normally associated with living in a tent.
  • Fitness & well-being – We are more concerned with mental health than ever before, which is a great thing, while the fitness trend is still riding high. Most families bike around their area at the weekends and mountain biking is taking off, as people appreciate the great outdoors and groups of cyclists is no longer a strange sight.
  • Connecting with nature – Many experts were worried that the Internet would turn us into digital addicts and we’d become disconnected with Mother Nature; fortunately, people seem to enjoy nature more now than at any time this century. While there is a place for tech in our lives, it shouldn’t be at the expense of our grassroots, so do plan some family expeditions in your free time.

Post pandemic life means freedom to travel again and people will appreciate the great outdoors, rather than taking it for granted. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured and no matter how fast the ferris wheel of work turns, we need to step off for a while and enjoy life.