Infatuation: How To Get Over It

Have you ever experienced infatuation? You can’t stop thinking about somebody, want to spend all your time with this person and like him or her. Infatuation is a great and enjoyable, romantic feeling (these butterflies in your stomach!), but sometimes it can be too intense, stressful and take over you. And by the way, infatuation is not a synonym for true love.

No scientist in the world has ever been able to give an exact definition of these two feelings, but there are still several general criteria that allow us to distinguish between falling in love and love. Infatuation is a rich, bright, and exciting feeling, which, alas and ah, has a short existence and ends as suddenly as it begins. Love is something that often comes after falling in love, but by no means always, a stronger and more grounded feeling, less intense and intoxicating, but giving a strong basis for a long and happy life together. The main difference between a person who is obsessed with somebody and a loving person is in his consciousness: the latter knows and accepts the shortcomings of his half, and the infatuated does not see them at all.

As experts say, being infatuated is a kind of illness, but the causative agent is not a virus, but a passing impression from what is seen or heard. It can arise from a smile, a single action, or a glance, and it doesn’t matter what the object of sighing is really. At this moment a certain hormone is produced in the human body, which provokes all these strange feelings. 

How to get over infatuation?

The reasons why you decided to get rid of unnecessary feelings, there may be many, perhaps it is an unrequited or unequal relationship, yes, anything, most importantly clearly understand how much you need it. Many methods explain what to do in such situations, but almost all of them are based on the radical eradication of everything connected with the object of sighing. This and the removal of common photos, correspondence, letters, perhaps gifts, and meaningful souvenirs – you should not be reminded of a difficult feeling. You should also stay away from all the places where you might run into objects of your infatuation. Even if it may seem appealing to you to still follow his or her Instagram profile, block it and cut off all contact. You should better focus on yourself, your needs, and your aspirations: call your friends, plan your next vacation, or gamble at CasinoChan Canada.

Think about what you will do in the future, and what your global goals are, and take small steps towards them. If you feel a lot of anger or resentment toward someone you are in love with, that can be a problem. You need to be able to let go of the negativity. Understand that the person you are in love with has his desires, which do not have to coincide with yours. He does not have to love you, responsible for your emotions. Do not try to make him guilty of everything. Don’t dwell on thinking about how the one you once had feelings for is now. If you realize that you are having trouble dealing with your feelings, discuss it with family or friends. If there is no one to talk to and you feel really bad, see a qualified psychologist.

And remember: being infatuated is just a feeling, and you can simply deal with it with some simple tricks. Sometimes infatuation can be harmful, take your energy and ruin your self-esteem, and has nothing to do with a love or good stable relationship. If you become dependent on the person, it is better to get over infatuation as quickly as you can.  As soon as you do it, you will be able to build a strong relationship with somebody else.