How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Shoes for Women?

When it comes to the health and well-being of your musculoskeletal system, there are very few things more important than your feet. Your choice of footwear affects your lifestyle, including running gait, walking, and postural alignment. 

Hence, you should choose Sustainable Women’s Shoes that positively impact not just your feet but also the environment. If you are environmentally conscious, here are a few tips for shopping for sustainable and eco-friendly shoes for women. 


Every foot is unique, and mass-made shoes do not provide the best comfort. Hence, it would help if you looked for made-to-order shoes that fit as per your feet’ length and width. Most made-to-order shoes are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen that guarantee the highest quality and optimal comfort. 

Custom Design 

A personalized design is always better than a mass-produced design. Therefore, you need to look for a shoe manufacturer that allows you to personalize your shoe design. 

Leading sustainable shoe manufacturers allow customers to personalize the design of different shoe sections like vamp, sides, strap, heel, trim, and sole. The result is a unique-looking shoe that perfectly matches your style. 

Comfortable Heels 

When choosing shoes for women, you should look for comfortable and raised heels that will make the women’s stride shorter and give them optical lumbar curvature. A biomechanical analysis indicates high heels or raised heels to give women a more feminine gait. You can opt for a stacked leather heel that a craftsman carefully sands for an immaculate finish. 

Finest Materials 

Leather is the best material for shoes. It is tear-proof, elastic, breathable, supple, heat resistant, and abrasion-resistant. In addition, leather gives shoe sturdiness and protection, and the inherent temperature regulating effect keeps the wearer comfortable even when you wear shoes for long periods. 

Full-grain leather is considered to have the highest quality due to minimal processing because it ensures that the leather’s oil-absorbing properties and original characteristics stay intact. As a result, the leather will patina, endure over time, and enhance the sophisticated looks of the shoe. 

Goodyear Welt Construction 

Goodyear welt is the gold standard in shoe construction. It gives your shoes timeless character and ensures superior durability. The Goodyear welt involves shoe construction with just two stitches. 

The lining and upper side are sewn together inside the leather welt. The leather welt on the outside is sewn to the sole. As a result, the Goodyear welt construction becomes a highly secure and robust constructed shoe.

Experts argue that there is no better method than Goodyear welt in shoe construction. The technique ensures no direct link between the inside and outside of the shoes, which is great for water resistance. 

Cushioned Insoles 

The shoe’s lining is essential because the lining surrounds your entire foot. If the shoe lining is made of poor quality material, you will face problems like increased sweating and unpleasant odors. 

The calfskin lining is considered best because it has a plain, uniform, thin and supple surface, making shoes more comfortable. Similarly, cushioned insoles improve the comfort level of the shoes. They provide soft cushioning comfort to your feet while walking or running, and the perforation ensures your feet can breathe while providing support to your foot. 

Environmentally Sustainable Production

Every year millions of old shoes are dumped in landfills. Sustainable women’s shoes will not be environmentally friendly in the true sense unless the shoe manufacturer embraces environmentally sustainable production methods like handmade production that emits minimal CO2. 

The company should also exercise environmentally sustainable principles in every activity like supply and production process and ensure that any business activities do not contaminate natural habitat or water resources

These are a few tips you need to follow when shopping for sustainable and eco-friendly shoes for women.