How To Have The Perfect Family Getaway

Planning a family getaway is an exciting opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between loved ones. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, you’ll need to consider various aspects of the trip to make sure it’s as great as can be – and even if it can’t be perfect, it can get pretty close. To get a better idea of the best ways to have the perfect family getaway, keep reading our blog.

Destination Selection

Choosing the perfect destination is crucial for a memorable family getaway as it forms the backdrop of everything you do together. Think about what everyone likes to do and what their interests are, and try to pick somewhere that can cater to what everyone is going to want. This could be a beach resort, an exciting city, or anything in between.

It might be that you have to compromise a little to find a place that will work for everyone, and this is why it’s important for everyone who is going on vacation to be involved. It’s no good if just one person chooses the destination and no one else wants to go there.

Plan Activities Ahead Of Time

Even if you go to a beach resort or a hotel and you intend to spend a lot of time around the pool, you’ll still want to do some activities, and the younger the children who are with you are, the more activities you’ll need to factor in.

It’s best to plan these activities ahead of time so you know what you’re doing on each day of the vacation and can book tickets to things if you need to. Although this will take away from the spontaneous nature of a vacation, if you want things to go well, this is often for the best. By planning ahead, you know that everyone is happy with the things you have planned. Of course, it’s always best to ensure you can be flexible, just in case plans change, but in general, having a plan is the best way to have a happy, memorable, and perhaps even perfect getaway.

Packing For Comfort

Packing the right clothes when you go away is crucial – you want to be comfortable when you are enjoying a getaway, otherwise you’ll never really focus on what you’re doing and always be worried about your clothes.

Opt for clothing that suits the destination you’re going to, as well as the activities you’ll be taking part in, and you’ll know that you can get involved in whatever it is you want to do in comfort. Don’t forget to pack night clothes as well. For a treat, you can buy Erica Wilson pyjamas and adult style, so that you can match while you’re away and make everyone who’s with you feel really included.


There is no point in organizing a lovely family getaway if you are going to spend the whole time on your phone or tablet or working on your laptop – you might as well be at home. Plus, you’ll want to spend quality time with your family, and looking at screens all the time and updating your social media is not the ideal way to do this.

If possible, unplug entirely during your vacation. You can then really live in the moment and enjoy yourself much more. If you want to post about your getaway, wait until you get home (which is actually best for security as well).