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Helping Clean Out an Estate

Many outsiders believe that the passing of loved one is one of the hardest things to go through. However, many who have experienced close loss agree, the cleaning out of a home tends to be just as hard or worse.

Memories are attached to everything, and each item as well as material and sensation can bring back a flood of thoughts, images, sensations and even experiences all over again. Smells trigger familiarity, touch flashes memory images and images provide a framework reference of time and place. As a result, combined, a personal estate can be a process of losing a person again and again and again. And that assumes there’s no lingering legal issues still in probate.

Emotion Release is Common

The sense of loss comes in lots of ways with an estate. There are the classic symptoms of emotional pain, feeling sad and crying. However, there are unexpected sensations as well. The sense of absence or something fundamental missing in a home being cleaned out is a deep-rooted one. Whoever said that a person leaves an impression on a place if they live in it long enough was absolutely correct. And that same home feels as if something is broken as well as missing an aspect that previously made it feel lived in.

Other sensations come with small things that act as reminders of a person who has passed. It could be simple things the person had a habit of using, small possessions that were lost and fell behind a couch or a bed, or small hidden secrets in desk drawers or cupboards become visible with their own stories behind them. Together, they make the process of cleaning out a home extremely challenging and hard.

Help With Removal

The entire process of estate cleanouts doesn’t need to be handled alone. Professional services for removal can be extremely helpful, both in physically moving items identified that can go and providing separation when something is too hard emotionally to move, touch or see any longer, but the act of removal seems even harder to accomplish at the moment.

People rarely accomplish big challenges alone. They tackle big tasks with teams. While there isn’t a read-to-go team for every aspect in life, estate cleaning can be handled with a support team via professional removal services.  

Remember, You’re Human, Not a Robot

When it comes to grief, there is no perfect plan for responding to it. A cleaning out of a home from a passed loved one can easily bring it back, even months or years after a loved one has passed. Don’t take on the whole thing yourself. Bring in a professional removal/junk service to help with what needs to go. It will be less stressful, easier to manage, and you’ll have more time to deal with your grief as it happens.