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Five Things to Do Before Opening Up Your Pool This Summer

It’s just about pool season, which can mean fun in the sun and long afternoons spent lazing by the poolside. If your pool has seen many better days, or you just don’t use it very often, however, then there are a few things that you’re going to want to change before opening it up for the summer.

These steps can help keep your pool in good condition and are also very fast, very easy ways to make it a getaway oasis.

1.    Repair It

Before you make any sort of upgrades, you first need to repair it. Get in touch with a swimming pool repair company to fix cracks, any issues with the pump, get it resurfaced, and so on. Pools carry a huge burden holding all that water, so if you aren’t regularly maintaining and repairing it, you run the risk of a leak. That leak will then flood the rest of your space and can lead to massive die-offs and other serious complications.

That’s why, even if the issues are very minor, it’s important to get the professionals in on a season-by-season basis to make sure everything is good to go before you reopen.

2.    Clean Up Your Surrounding Garden

From clearing up any pesky weeds to tripping overgrown hedges and other gardening tasks, know you’ll want to do a huge part of the heavy lifting before you open your pool. Doing any of this afterwards can result in a lot of foliage and debris ending up in your pool and it can be a pain to clean out.

3.    Upgrade Your Poolside and Pool Furniture

It’s time to let go of the notion that you’re going to spend most of your time actively swimming when in your pool. Instead, it’s time to get comfortable furniture for both the poolside and the pool itself. If you can get furniture-like seats that you place directly in the shallow end of your pool to relax and lounge in, you’ve likely just found your favorite destination on a hot day.

Stunning patio furniture that’s properly been set is another key upgrade. This means adding an outdoor rug, side tables, and décor. Dress your space up like it’s a living room, and not just some half-thought-out seating you put out there because you felt like you had to.

4.    Decorate with Lights

Lighting plays a huge role in regards to setting the mood. That’s why you’ll want to invest in great outdoor lights. For example, you can add stunning string lights around or even over the pool in a canopy to create an amazing space day and night. You can also add torches, or even an outdoor fireplace, to make the entire area cozy no matter the time of day.

Pool lights also make another big difference to how your pool looks and feels, even if you aren’t in it. All of these can be very budget-friendly upgrades as well, making them excellent for most DIYers.

5.    Add Potted Plants

Many of the most luxurious hotel pools today combine stunning pool designs with foliage. While you may already have a surrounding garden and landscaping, that still doesn’t bring that nature in towards the pool. This is particularly true if you have a large pool patio. Since you can’t grow plants in the ground here, decorate instead with potted plants. Palms and other evergreens that don’t tend to drop their leaves often are excellent options for those who want to make their pool look rich and luscious with minimal upkeep.