Dog Bite Laws: What Happens if a Dog Bites You?

More than 4.5 million Americans report dog bite injuries every year. Someone out there could be running for their life at this very moment. Lucky you, you’re reading a life-saving article right now.

Aside from avoiding the dog, do you have any idea what to do next after a dog bite injury? This guide will uncover dog bite laws, legal options, and initial steps to note before moving to the court.

Get Treated

In the event of dog attacks, you must flee the scene as soon as possible. You’ll then get the opportunity to check your injuries.

If your injuries are mild, clean the area with soap and water, then bandage it. Call 911 right away once there’s bleeding.

Dog bite infections and diseases like rabies and tetanus can spread in severe cases. It can also cause trauma, particularly in children who are most prone to dog bites.

Gather Details

One of the most crucial things to do after a dog bite is remembering which dog bit you and who owns it. The dog’s owner could take the liability for your dog bite injuries.

Take a photo of the dog if you can. Collect the owner’s contact information, and keep track of your medical bills.

It’s also a good idea to jot down what happened to you. Remember to keep any clothing or property damaged from the incident.

Report the Incident

Even if you don’t want to hold the dog or the owner responsible, you must report the incident. It will aid officials in identifying harmful animals to prevent future incidents. The judge will not order euthanasia unless your situation is horrible.

Know that a report will assist you in proving your case if you decide to submit a claim for your dog bite treatment.

What Is A Dog Bite Liability?

If logical, owners are to blame for damages and injuries their pets caused. That said, to defend your case and prove the dog or the owner is at fault, a personal injury lawyer is what you’ll need. Legal options vary per state, but these are the general dog-related liability laws:

One-Bite Rules

Victims must show that the owners were aware that their dogs were dangerous. If a dog attacked someone and the owner was aware of it, they should have prevented repeat attacks or bites.

Dog Bite Statues

Dog owners’ liability comes with reservations. Note that the owner may not take responsibility if they prove you provoked the dog.

Negligence Laws

Dog owners are liable if proven that the injury results from their carelessness. Negligence laws are not limited to dog assaults. For example, if a lovely dog trips someone by accident, the owner may take accountability.

You can claim compensation that includes costs on:

  • Hospital treatment related to the attack
  • No income due to missed work
  • Destroyed or damaged property
  • Any lasting disability or scar
  • Emotional suffering

If the dog owner refuses to settle, you can move your case to court to claim what is due to you. Keep the above information in mind for the best outcome.

Recover Damages With Dog Bite Laws

Dog bites are severe cases because of the potential infection and its costs. Before taking legal actions, consult with your attorney, who knows dog bite laws.

Now you know what to do if a dog bites you. Above is a simplified guide to help you get started.

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