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Do Slots Sites Have A Good Yearly Revenue?

The gambling industry has, over the years grown to be a heavy-revenue generation industry. This influence is evident in several countries, including the United Kingdom – play Clover Casino. There are some countries where gambling is illegal.

Advanced economies have profiteered from the interest in people in gambling by allowing online slot websites. But do such sites make good money? Read on to find out.

How is the revenue of slot sites calculated?

It is a fact that slot sites make good money in revenue and taxes paid. Here is a breakdown of how to calculate how much slot sites make.

·         Determine the number of active players who deposit money in such sites

·         Calculate the mean of the deposits on such platforms and if a casino has an RTP of 85% it means they will hold 15% of the deposit of the player.

·         Note that the jackpot and bonuses do not contribute to tax payments in several places. When all payments and taxes are removed, the net profit of the site gets calculated.

Note that globally, about 26% of the population of the world are involved in gambling activities. For instance, in the United Kingdom, 17% of the populace are involved in online gambling with billions of pounds realized from such platforms. What these statistics show is that online slots are making a lot of money. They are easy to access and function with the best technology which has seen them increase in acceptance and revenue over the years.

How do online slots make money?

Now that we have established that slot sites make good revenues, how do they make so much money?

1. The handle

Casinos make a lot of money through the handle. The handle is the amount of money that players wager on bets. In some instances, the money could go either way with the player either losing or winning it.

Do not confuse the handle with the drop as the drop is the amount of money traded for chips.

2. The house edge

In every bet, the casino has a greater statistical advantage that means they will make more money. What makes it a gamble is the advantage held by the casino in the game. Hence, if the casino wins, the player loses and vice versa. The casino win indicates the amount of money that the casino has remaining after the players finish paying their debts.

3. Comps

These are like bonuses given to players and they may be given especially to new players or those who spend a lot on the platform. Players who invest a lot of money and time in a game may have the opportunity to get gifts such as a ticket to shows. For a player to have the opportunity of getting a comp, they need to get signed up for a slot club card.

One thing about comps is that they benefit the casino more than they benefit the players. With more time spent on the slots, more money gets spent. Thus, the casino will make more money.

Final thoughts

Slot sites help to make money for the player and the casino alike. The amount they make seems to be an upward trajectory on an annual basis and it doesn’t seem like receding anytime soon.