Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney? A Guide For Any Developer

Americans bought more than 6 million homes in February. There’s never been a better time to be in the real estate market as a developer. When handling these sales, ask yourself, ‘do I need a real estate attorney?’

Why hire a real estate lawyer? As a developer or investor, you need a real estate lawyer to assist with paperwork, negotiation, and in case of legal trouble. An expert in real estate law can be a lifesaver in dealing with banks, buyers, and real estate agents.

Here are the benefits of working with a real estate lawyer.  

Legal Paperwork and the Question, ‘Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?’

The real estate process brings with it a lot of paperwork. If you ask yourself, ‘do I need a real estate attorney,’ the answer is yes. An excellent legal mind can help you navigate the process quickly. 

When thinking about choosing a real estate attorney, you want someone who knows title searches, property liens, and bank statements. These types of paperwork, including contracts and disclosure forms, are what a real estate attorney does as part of the process.

An expert real estate lawyer knows the nuances and is up-to-date on all of the latest changes to make the process go smoothly. It would help if you thought about this when thinking about how to choose a real estate attorney. 


You want someone with good negotiating skills when looking at how to choose a real estate attorney. A good negotiator can help with contracts, land deals, and even dealing with contractors. Negotiations are what a real estate attorney does. 

A lawyer will ensure you get home inspections, disclosures, and mortgage paperwork right the first time. If you must go through the process for a second time, it will be costly. 

Why hire a real estate attorney when it comes to negotiations? Think of it as ‘preventative diplomacy.’ Formal talks can improve communication and ward off any future problems. 

Real estate lawyers by trade are skilled negotiators. Lawyers can negotiate the price of things in your favor. 

Legal Trouble

Why hire a real estate attorney? As a developer, acquisitions are part of your business dealings. Purchasing buildings, land, and vacant properties could mean legal challenges. 

What a real estate attorney does is represent you where there’s an issue and even if you must go to court. 

The Answer Is Yes When Asking ‘Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?’

If you are asking yourself, ‘do I need a real estate attorney,’ there are several reasons why you should hire one for your development needs. Legal paperwork, negotiation, and legal trouble are reasons why you can benefit from having a real estate attorney.

Don’t make the mistake of not using legal services as part of your real estate development or investment project. Give yourself the peace of mind needed!  

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