A Quick Guide to Cash Bond Refunds

Did you know in 2020 the US generated about 2.7 billion dollars in revenue from the bail bonds service industry? These numbers seem unbelievable, but this is a reality many Americans face. 

It can be a stressful time when dealing with the court system to get you or your loved one out of a tight situation. Most people turn to cash bail bonds to ease the financial burden of dealing with this stress. 

Bond refunds can seem difficult to deal with, and you may be wondering if you will ever see that money return. Read on for a quick guide that will help you navigate the system and set you up for a better chance of getting your money back. 

Types of Bonds

One of the most common bonds is a surety bond. While this type of bond is cheaper because it only requires a percentage of the bail, surety bonds are not refundable. Usually, surety bonds go through a bail bonds agent. 

Cash bonds are when you pay the fees in full directly to the court. Your cash bond will only return in full after the trial completes. The defendant must appear for trial and never miss any court appearances.

Immigration bonds are for undocumented citizens who are detained. These types of bonds are to guarantee all hearings will be attended. These types of bonds are a little more complicated, but as long as your information is correct, you will be able to get an immigration bond refund. 

Bond Refund Tips

An immigration bond refund needs an I-391 form sent by ICE. You will need to send this form along with your original immigration bond receipt to the Debt Management Center. 

This is why one of the most important things to remember when you take out a bond is keeping your documents in order. It is a long process that makes it easy to lose receipts or court documents. 

Cash bond refunds are typically much easier to deal with. Usually, you do not have to do anything to get a refund for this type of bond. Once the case closes, the court will process the cash bond refund, and you should receive your money up to six weeks later. 

You might be asking can you get a bond refund if the defendant pleads guilty. If they’re found guilty, you can only get a refund from paying the cash bond full bail directly to court. 

Get Your Bond Refund Today

More often than not, people do not reclaim their money simply because they don’t know how. Make sure to save documents, and once your case closes, you will be in good standing. 

For any information, you can call the court where the case is filed to get specific details. Don’t be one of those people who give up their money, and make sure you follow the steps to get your bond refund today. 

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