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A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Pet Budgies

When looking for the perfect pet for you, either to keep you company if you live alone or else to be a welcome and truly noisy addition to your family home, one of the most popular choices is a beautiful budgie.

The first thing you need to know is that, just like rabbits and guinea pigs, budgies are much happier when living in pairs or more, except in circumstances whereby the homeowner will be there all day and can interact and bond with the budgie.

Continue reading for a beginner’s guide to keeping pet budgies and to learn the most important things to remember as a new budgie owner.

Don’t Just Buy from Anywhere!

Just as with cats, dogs, and rabbits, ethics is absolutely everything when it comes to introducing any animal, or indeed any bird, into your home, and it is therefore absolutely imperative to do thorough research about where you are getting your budgies from. Additionally, be sure to register your new budgies with a reputable and experienced vet, such as those working with

Some useful things to look out for as an ethical and responsible new budgie owner include, but are in no way limited to, the following;

  • The length of time the seller has been breeding budgies
  • The general care, attention, and love showed to them while you are there
  • The condition of the cages
  • The freshness of the water and seed
  • The eye clarity of the birds themselves
  • How well the budgies are used to being handled

Fully Equip the Cage

As well as being absolutely beautiful creatures, budgies and other parakeets are incredibly intelligent and naturally curious.

A well-kept and contented budgie is one who not only has fresh seed and fresh water every single day and a clean cage but also one who has a plethora of different brightly colored toys to play with too.

Inside their cage, which should be the largest cage you can get, there should be at least two seed stations, at least two water stations, a mirror, a bell, a swing, perches, and cuttlefish bone at the very least.

Always Finger Train Your Budgies

Luckily, once your budgies have come to grips with their new home and are fully aware that your presence is not a danger and is, moreover, a sign of attention or food, they will relax.

It is important to train your budgie to climb up onto your finger when you lightly stroke their underbelly so that if they happen to fall when flying around the house and get stuck, they are not scared to let you help them out.

Naturally, budgies bond with humans because they are intelligent enough to recognize the difference between friend and foe. Therefore finger training usually comes quite easily to both budgie and owner.

Once your budgies have settled into your home, you will be so happy that you have introduced two happy and chirpy pals to share your life with.