7 Ways to Expedite Your Drunk Driving Accident Lawsuit: The Expert Guide

Did you know that drunk driving is a major cause of road accidents? The accident affects the drunk driver, passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists. As a drunk driving accident victim, filing a lawsuit should be the next step. While getting a favorable verdict can take longer, with expert help, you can expedite the process. This guide explains more.

File a Police Report Immediately

It is a mistake to file a police report on the drunk driving accident late. The earlier you file the police report, the faster your case will go. Once the driver regains soberness, it can be hard to state your case unless you have supportive evidence. The quick response of the police depends on how fast you file the report. You also make drunk drivers accountable for their actions by filing a police report and getting them arrested or summoned for the accident.

Hire a Reputable Lawyer

Like any other injury case, you need a reputable lawyer to navigate the justice system and influence positive verdicts from the court. Making mistakes that might slow the lawsuit is possible when you lack proper legal guidance. A car accident lawyer will offer you guidance after getting injured by a drunk driver. They will highlight the legal process and the steps you must take to achieve positive results. They also push for a quick resolution once you file the case.

Gather Evidence

Lack of or having limited evidence can slow down your efforts to get compensated after a drunk driver accident. What you present to the court will determine how quickly the case gets resolved. The more substantial your evidence is, the fast the court will give a verdict. Get help from your lawyer, the police, and the forensic team to gather evidence and present it to court. Also, seek guidance on what you can use as evidence in a drunk driving accident lawsuit.

Stick to the Statute of Limitation

Filing a police report is not enough when handling a drunk driving accident lawsuit. You must file the lawsuit in court and within the statute of limitation in the said state. The longer you take to file the lawsuit, the lower the chances of getting a favorable verdict. Learning about the statute of limitations is crucial in this case. Your lawyer should offer guidance and ensure you avoid making mistakes that might affect the lawsuit.

Prepare Your Witnesses and Testimonials

You need witnesses to attest to the accident and your innocence. What they say to the court will influence the verdict in the long run. The more witnesses you have supporting your lawsuit, the faster it will be for the court to give a verdict. You also need testimonials from other motorists or passengers to help you expedite the lawsuit. Your lawyer should help prepare the witnesses and prevent the manipulation of testimonials before going to trial.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Filing a drunk driving accident lawsuit without informing your insurance provider is a mistake. You want the settlement negotiation process to go well, which is possible after contacting your insurer. You also get guidance on what to do and things to avoid during the lawsuit from the insurance provider. With your lawyer present, you can effectively solve your case after informing and involving your insurer.

Go for an Out of Court Settlement

Going through the court process can take longer than expected. The chances of losing the lawsuit, especially when you lack substantial evidence, are higher. The case differs when you consider an out-of-court settlement. You save time and resources as you can agree on the right compensation package with the party responsible. This also makes it easy to focus on other aspects of your life.

The faster you solve a drunk driving accident lawsuit, the easier for you to focus on other productive aspects of your life. Learning ways to achieve this is, therefore, vital. Following this guide should be helpful to first-timers.