7 Crucial Signs You Need To See A Dentist

Unless necessary, people often avoid visiting the dentist. It is well-known that visiting the dentist regularly is essential for maintaining healthy gums. However, numerous studies have also shown that bad dental health can lead to other chronic conditions such as Diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease. Dental health is extremely crucial for the overall health of an individual. According to the study, nearly 16,000 Medicaid beneficiaries visited Virginia’s emergency room approximately 19,000 times in 2018. The cost of a dentist can be as low as $46/month in Falls Church, Virginia. This guide comprises some dental health issues that need the  immediate intervention of a dentist Falls Church VA

Bleeding Gums

It is a sign of bacterial gingivitis, also known medically as gingivitis. The infection might lead to severe complications, such as losing the teeth and further damaging bone and surrounding tissues. However, one can reverse gingivitis with dental scaling.

Dirty Teeth

The natural color of teeth is yellowish-white because of the teeth’s yellow dentin. However, this color can darken if one consumes certain foods and drinks, such as tea, coffee, and curries containing turmeric. In addition, chain-smoking, poor oral hygiene, and smoking can cause staining and hardened plaque. Scaling can remove stains, calculus, and plaque, but bleaching can whiten teeth. Peroxide comprising materials are used to lighten the teeth’ color during dental bleaching. A dentist in Falls Church, VA, services provides effective teeth whitening services. In-office procedures can cost up to $1000 in Falls Church.

Foul Odor

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis. There are various reasons, such as dry mouth, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. Dry mouths need artificial saliva as well as tablets to moisten their mouth. The removable oral protection is available for people who tend to breathe. It coats the mouth and permits them to breathe.

Tooth Pain or Sensitivity

The teeth’ outer layer’s enamel protects several nerves ends in dentin. As a result, the dentin can sometimes be exposed to vigorous brushing or acid inflow. It can lead to hypersensitivity. In addition, exposure to heat, cold, or even air can cause sensitive dentin. Dental fillings can easily cover this area. If one does not address this issue, it can lead to pulp damage, causing severe pain.


The bacteria in the mouth begin creating a biofilm named plaque as soon as one consumes food. The biofilm is a sticky and translucent layer covering the teeth’ outer surfaces. Plaque is a way for bacteria to use sugar from food and make acid. This acid causes cavities. You cannot treat cavities at home and will need dental fillings. If you do not treat the damage, it can spread to your pulp (a nerve-containing portion of your tooth) and cause inflammation (pulpitis), abscess surrounding the root, and infection.

The Swelling of the Cavity or Around it

Untreated cavities allow bacteria to enter root canals and spread to surrounding tissues, bones, and roots. The infection can lead to a buildup of pus beneath the teeth, spreading to the surrounding tissues (space infections). It causes excessive swelling. The areas between the skin’s layers and the underlying organs are called facial spaces. Root canal therapy (RCT) helps to treat infected teeth. It involves replacing the enraged pulp with a rubber-like bioactive material. Doctors can also deplete the pus or give you essential antibiotics to lessen swelling.

Malaligned Teeth

Most people think that crooked and malaligned teeth look unappealing. However, they can cause difficulties in talking and chewing. It ultimately increases the likelihood of developing tooth decay. Braces (orthodontic treatments) are manageable and can be used to align the teeth.


Dental implants in Falls Church can cost between $1500 and $3922. Avoiding severe infections by getting dental treatment at an early phase is critical. One can fill the cavity early to reduce the chance of infection and pus formation. Regular dental visits can also help you save money on expensive treatments like crowns, bridges, and RCTs. In addition, regular dentistvisits are essential to stop the formation and spread of dental diseases.