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6 Situations That Require Professional Plumbers

Plumbing will always be a part of any property. Most homeowners only think much about it once they run into an issue. And plumbing issues are almost always no fun. Fortunately, some plumbing problems, such as minor clogs or worn fixtures, are easy to deal with. 

However, difficult plumbing situations require you to call professional plumbers, like Dan’s Plumbing or similar ones near your area. On the other hand, in what circumstances would you consider a plumbing issue an emergency?

Here are some of them:

  1. Malfunctioning Water Heater

A malfunctioning water heater can be frustrating, especially during extreme weather conditions. You must call the experts immediately if there’s no hot water or you notice leaks in your water heater. 

There are a few issues that can cause your water heater to malfunction. These include old age, issues with the pilot light, or a poorly calibrated thermostat. Meanwhile, leaks around your water heater are a more severe problem. Generally, a leaking water heater is easy to repair. However, it may be a sign of a more significant issue. 

Small leaks may come from gaps or cracks in the piping or casing, creating bigger holes. Sometimes, heater leaks indicate water pressure inside the tank, which may cause an explosion. Catching the issue early on is critical to prevent further damage. 

  1. Frozen water Pipes

Freezing water pipes are common in areas where temperatures drop below zero degrees. If you don’t make the necessary preparations, water in your pipes can freeze, causing it to expand. The expansion creates cracks and gaps, increasing the risks of flooding. Calling a professional plumber is best when discovering a frozen pipe in your home. 

They can start the thawing process to prevent cracks in your pipes. While you may try to thaw the pipes, it can further damage them if done improperly. Pipe thawing needs a painstakingly slow process to prevent temperature shock, which can cause the pipe to crack. 

  1. Burst Pipe

Next to a frozen pipe, a burst pipe is one of the most common plumbing emergencies that require expertise. A burst pipe is the most significant cause of water damage at home. Did you know that a single broken pipe can release gallons of water in just a short period? 

A burst pipe may occur due to freezing, old age, or increased water pressure. When you discover a burst pipe, immediately shut off your main water and electrical supply and call an expert plumber. 

  1. Gas Leaks

If you have a natural gas connection in your home and notice a strange smell—like rotten eggs or sulfur—but can’t find the source, you must evacuate and get help immediately. It can indicate gas leaks. Gas leaks are an emergency that only professionals should handle. It can create property damage and the release of deadly carbon monoxide. 

  1. Sewage Backup

Sewer issues are another situation that requires you to call a professional plumber. Calling a professional plumber is necessary if your sewer backs up or you have a leak within the drainage pipes. 

When a sewer line clogs, backs up, or leaks within the lines, the resulting wastewater can contaminate the surrounding areas and create a health hazard. Raw sewage contains millions of bacteria and viruses that can make your family sick. 

So, if you notice clogs in multiple drains, a gurgling sound from your fixture, or a sewage-like stench outside, these may indicate that your sewer line is blocked or has burst. It’s necessary to call an expert plumber to resolve the issue safely. 

  1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is frustrating, mainly on higher floors of your home. Sometimes, it’s a temporary problem with your municipal’s water supply. However, if you’re experiencing low water pressure for days or weeks, it may indicate a significant leak within your plumbing. It happens to most homeowners when multiple fixtures fail to provide proper water pressure. 

Hidden water leaks can cause gradual water damage to your home’s structure. If you think a hidden pipe is leaking, call a plumber to help you find the source and fix it immediately.


A plumbing issue is one of those aspects of owning a home you never want to deal with and yet experience anyway. You can DIY your way to resolve minor plumbing problems. However, it’s best to call a professional plumber immediately if you ever experience any of the above situations. These issues are much more significant and may indicate underlying causes that may be too complex to handle.