6 Signs You Must Visit an Orthodontist for Your Teen

There are many reasons why you should visit an orthodontist for your teen. You need to understand the most prominent signs to indicate that you must call up dental professionals with any concerns you may have about your teens’ orthodontic problems.

Sealants are found in more than 50% of Canadian adolescents. About 34% of Canadians between 6 and 79 years have been identified as needing one or more dental procedures. Although cavities are largely preventable, 96% of Canadian adults have a history of cavities. All these facts point to requiring early intervention when it comes to keeping your adolescent’s oral health in good order. 

When living in North Vancouver, you have various options for finding the right orthodontist. Here are six signs that point toward adolescence being the best time to see an orthodontist North Vancouver for your teen:

  1. Crooked or Crowded Teeth

It is a leading indicator that people look out for, especially if you are already familiar with other people’s orthodontic issues, which means that you may notice it earlier than others. 

It is common to notice that your teen’s teeth are not aligned in an orderly fashion, and the teeth are not properly arranged when you look at them. You can notice if their front teeth appear to be curving outwards or a gap between two opposite teeth.

  1. Gaps between Teeth

Gaps between two opposing or adjacent teeth (either top or bottom ones) may be a sign that your teen needs to visit an orthodontist in North Vancouver for their checkup. It is another indicator that your teen’s teeth are misaligned. Some people do not notice this until they get their teens’ X-rays done and compare them with straight teeth.

  1. Crossbite

Crossbite is a common dental problem that mainly affects the incisors or front teeth, especially when it comes to permanent tooth issues in Canadian kids and teens. It may be noticed when your teen’s top and bottom incisors do not line up correctly with each other. It occurs on one side of your kid’s mouth. 

  1. Mouth Breathing

Most adults have one common issue, especially after getting older, that their mouths are naturally inclined to open up when they are sleeping or resting. It also happens during childhood and early adolescence, but it is more natural for children since they usually grow out of it as they get older. 

If your teen is still mouth breathing after growing up, this may indicate something wrong with the upper jaw and how it fits on top of their lower jaw, which an orthodontist can treat.

  1. Headaches or Migraines

People can commonly experience chronic headaches or migraines, but you should take note if your teen seems to be experiencing it more often than usual or once in a while. There are chances that their jaw alignment is incorrect, leading to headaches and migraine attacks.

  1. Protruding Teeth 

Check if your teenager’s teeth seem to be protruding from their mouth. It can signify that there is a possibility that they have sharp teeth, which can be painful when biting into something tough such as bagels or apples. It generally does not cause pain unless it has really irregular or poorly aligned teeth.

As you can see, most of the signs that an orthodontist in North Vancouver will look into with your teen is related to their teeth or jaw alignment. It is why it is essential to know these signs so you can determine when your child needs an immediate checkup at the orthodontic office for them to have the best treatment possible in terms of their dental health.