6 Signs of a Quality Social Security Disability Lawyer

On average, almost 2 out of 3 (64%) Social Security disability claims get denied. A shockingly low amount (22%) of claims get accepted the first time they’re submitted. So, what gives?

Most of these denials are the result of minor application errors. You could also get denied if you don’t provide enough evidence of your disability.

Hiring the right Social Security disability lawyer can help you avoid these issues. If you’ve already received a denial, then the right lawyer can help you file an appeal. But, how can you be sure that you hire the right lawyer to ensure success?

You need to be able to recognize a good lawyer when you see them!

Read on to discover the top 6 signs of a quality Social Security disability lawyer.

1. They’re Licensed and Legitimate

First — your attorney must have a license.

Verify the lawyer’s legitimacy before ever handing over any cash! You can also research the attorney or firm online, too.

2. They Specialize in Social Security Disability

Next, verify that your lawyer specializes in Social Security disability claims.

A lawyer who focuses on accidents or business law won’t be of any help to you! For that reason, check out your lawyer’s niche before hiring them.

3. You See Positive Past Reviews

Good reviews often mean good business.

Check your lawyer’s past reviews by searching online. You should be able to get a feel for how well the lawyer handles their clients.

4. They Have a Good Reputation

Your lawyer also needs to have a good reputation. A lawyer with a subpar reputation could actually harm your case. So, be sure to ask around your community about the lawyer’s reputation. This also goes hand-in-hand with the positive past reviews, too.

5. They Have Time to Handle Your Claim

The ideal Social Security disability attorney has time to handle your claim. They aren’t bogged down with other cases, and they won’t hand off your case to their paralegals.

Rather, they’ll give your case the time it deserves. Make sure to ask about how many cases your potential lawyer is handling before you hire them.

6. You Work Well With Them

Finally, you need to be sure you can work well with your attorney.

If you notice personality clashes, then move on. Don’t waste your time trying to communicate with a lawyer who isn’t receptive.

Hire a Quality Social Security Disability Lawyer

Hiring a quality Social Security disability lawyer can save you time and money. A good lawyer will take the time to ensure your application is flawless the first time. They can also help if you get an unfair denial letter.

Even better, they’re well-equipped to handle any of your questions or concerns.

Now that you know these signs of a good lawyer, use them to your advantage! Hire the best lawyer, and you’ll start to receive your benefits in no time.

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