5 Must-Know Facts About Website Design

There are several things to consider when looking for a web design firm. These include color scheme, content, speed, and image-based design. In addition, the design should meet all the latest technical standards. Read on to learn about these critical factors.


Website Design deals with colors. The right color can help draw attention to your content. Warm colors are more stimulating to viewers and should be used carefully. However, they can overstimulate viewers if used alone, so they are often mixed with cool or neutral colors. For example, red is a powerful color that represents fire and passion. Political organizations and sports teams also use it. Pink is a warm color that appeals to women and is an excellent choice for websites that target them. Another color you can use to attract female visitors is orange, which is very energetic and can stimulate visitors. It can also evoke feelings of creativity and happiness.

If you’re unsure which color to use, try the color wheel. The primary color wheel contains twelve hues. The first three colors are the primary ones used for most website designs. The secondary colors are created by mixing the primary colors. The secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. You can also combine the primary and secondary colors to create tertiary colors.


Page speed is a crucial element of your website’s performance. This is because of the time a web page takes to download and display the content. Therefore, the faster your website loads, the more likely customers will view it. This can be measured by using the Google Page Speed Insights tool. 

Increasing page speed is crucial to gaining a competitive edge. One study by Google found that a delay of 0.4 seconds can cause a visitor to abandon your site and search elsewhere. The good news is that technology has come a long way in improving the web experience. In the 1990s, the cyber world was called the “World Wide Wait.” But with the rapid development of communication and networking technologies, digital information can be transmitted across the globe in milliseconds. This means that the next generation of online businesses will need to have speed-optimized websites if they are going to be successful.


In today’s digital landscape, creating a website is easier than ever. Even the most inexperienced person can build a site with a wide range of free and paid website-building programs. However, optimizing a website for maximum conversion and user experience isn’t as straightforward. A web design agency can help you with all aspects of website design, from website development to site optimization.

Image-based design

Images play a vital role in website design, usability, and SEO ranking. People are visually driven, and pictures convey information and emotions more effectively than words. Images also make a website easier to read and improve search engine rankings. Different types of images are used, depending on the website’s goals.

Content-based design

If you’re considering a website redesign, consider content-based website design and website as a service (WaaS) for your business. The purpose of your website is to inform and connect with your prospects. While the invention is essential to your overall impression, the content is the one that delivers your value proposition—as such, building your website around content requires a lot of time.

Website as a Service is a new way of building and maintaining a website. It is similar to software as a service, except that you pay a monthly fee for ongoing maintenance. This means that your website is continuously being updated and growing.