5 Marketing Video Production Tips for the Building Trade

The construction industry is consistently one of the most profitable and fastest-growing sectors, with a low unemployment rate and excellent wages. But are you doing everything possible to attract new clients?

Marketing video production is a great way to show off your company’s skills instead of selling through a boring pitch meeting. Plus, starting a YouTube channel for your business is a great way to improve your company’s general awareness.

So how can your company make the best videos? Keep reading for four major tips that are sure to help you create breathtaking videos!

1. Don’t Skip Pre-Production

Pre-production is one of the most dreaded aspects of the video production world. It’s slow, tedious, and can sometimes seem unnecessary.

Rest assured, the work you do before shooting will greatly influence how your video marketing turns out.

As you start scripting, ask yourself who you’re creating the video promo for. Remember to write for your audience and inform first, letting your work do the selling for you.

Storyboarding your shots is a great way to give form to your ideas, plus knowing what shots you need will expedite the shoot itself.

Since this is part of your content marketing strategy, treat your video title like a blog or web copy. Research the best keywords for the industry so that you can give your video a great, SEO-friendly title.

2. Use the Right Equipment

The building industry is unique in that you’ll need specialized equipment to truly capture your work at its best. While you can use a standard camera for interviews, walk-and-talks, and testimonials, capturing your build site will require something a bit different.

Invest in time lapse cameras that you can set, forget, and check at the end of the day. Cameras like the Buildcam use AI-based tech to automatically edit the footage captured onboard into slow or fast motion.

That means you can show clients the entirety of your project from day 1 to the building’s grand opening — all in a matter of moments.

3. Pay Attention to Your Lighting

The tricky thing about lighting is that you often don’t realize how poorly shot footage is until you’re in the editing suite.

To avoid making rookie mistakes, think about how you want to use natural vs. artificial lighting. You can also shoot your exterior footage during what’s known as the “golden hour” or the time right before sunset or moments after sunrise.

While it might make for some late (or early) nights, think about how stunning it’ll be to see the sunrise over your company’s brand-new skyscraper.

4. Shoot More Footage Than You Need

Editing is a lot like building when you think about it. Both processes require artists to mesh and mold individual components to create something greater than its parts.

And just like you wouldn’t want to walk onto a job site without enough steel or concrete, starting post-production with a small amount of footage is going to severely limit what you can do.

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself (and your editor), is a vast selection of footage to choose from. The more footage you have, the more creative you can get.

Grow Your Building Firm With Marketing Video Production

If you’re not used to the challenges of marketing video production, it can seem like you have a mountain of work ahead of you. Remember, the more prep work you do, the easier your production will be and the better your video will turn out.

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