5 Big Benefits of Owning and Using a Dugout Pipe

Legal marijuana is now available in a growing number of states. As a result, more and more people are looking for new and innovative ways to smoke.

Popular and well-known smoking devices include things like water pipes and bowls. Rolling papers continue to remain a popular companion to marijuana, as well. However, there’s one convenient vessel that you may not have heard of: the dugout pipe.

What is a dugout pipe and why is it worth adding to your repertoire? What are the benefits of owning and using a dugout pipe?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about why a dugout pipe is a great choice for any smoker.

What Is a Dugout Pipe?

A dugout pipe is also sometimes referred to as a one-hitter, which makes its purpose a little more clear. Dugout pipes are small, designed to hold one hit’s worth of marijuana or tobacco. However, the difference between a true dugout pipe a traditional one-hitter is important.

When you purchase a dugout pipe, you get the one-hitter device and a dual-compartment carrying case. The carrying case is designed to hold your one-hitter device on one side and finely ground marijuana or tobacco on the other.

How does it work? All you have to do is press your one-hitter into the compartment containing your smokable substance. The substance will then pack itself neatly into the one-hitter. 

Benefits of a Dugout Pipe

Now that you know a bit about how a dugout pipe works, let’s talk about why this vessel is so beneficial for smokers. For some, dugout pipes are a go-to favorite. For others, a dugout pipe is convenient for certain situations and can supplement normal smoking routines.

Either way, you’re going to love owning and using a dugout pipe. Let’s talk about why.

1. Dugout Pipes are Discreet and Portable

Dugout pipes are quite small. You can slip them into your pocket or into a bag and it won’t take up too much space. Oftentimes, you won’t even see the bulk or shape of a dugout pipe in your pocket.

If you own other forms of smoking vessels, you know that this is rare. Water pipes and even ornate bowls don’t tend to travel well, and they’re not discreet. Dugout pipes are perfect if you’re traveling to see a friend or want to take a quick smoke break in a discreet fashion.

2. Dugout Pipes are Durable and Easy to Clean

Part of why dugout pipes are so portable, in addition to their small size, is their durability. The dugout container is often made of a thick wood or metal that isn’t likely to break. The one-hitter, whether it’s made of metal or glass, is also thick and durable.

Its durability isn’t the only reason why dugouts are low-maintenance. Dugouts are also easy to clean, requiring a few simple tools. Knock or scrape loose any caked-on substances and then use a Q-tip or pipe cleaner dipped in isopropyl alcohol to give the inside of the one-hitter a deeper clean.

3. Dugout Pipes are Mess-Free

When you’re transporting, packing, and smoking a dugout pipe, you don’t have to worry about the mess associated with other smoking methods. Dugouts seal up to avoid spillage in your pocket or bag. Plus, they contain the smell of marijuana or tobacco.

Plus, when you’re packing and smoking your dugout, you don’t have to touch anything but the one-hitter and dugout container. This prevents you from getting any of your substance of choice on your hands. 

(The best news yet? The length of your one-hitter will prevent you from burning yourself while lighting up.)

4. Dugout Pipes Make Consistent Dosing Easy

Whether you’re an experienced smoker or new to the hobby, it’s important to remain aware of your own limits. Substances like marijuana can take several minutes to “kick in,” meaning that right after smoking, you may not experience the effects. As a result, it’s all too easy to smoke more than you intended when using other methods or devices.

Dugout pipes don’t create this problem. Each time you pack a dugout pipe, you’re getting the same small dosage. Not only does this make it easy to get to know or adjust your own tolerance, but it also makes micro-dosing a breeze. 

5. Dugout Pipes are Affordable 

If you have ever taken a look at (or purchased) something like a water pipe, you know that some smoking vessels can be quite the investment. Some smokers may not feel ready to invest that kind of money into the activity right away.

Dugout pipes, on the other hand, meet anyone’s budget. You can find dugout pipes in the $10-$20 range without sacrificing quality.

Worried about losing track of your one-hitter and having to replace it? There’s not much to worry about there, either. Individual one-hitters can cost as little as $3, so you won’t need to break the bank to get a replacement or backup.

Add a Dugout Pipe to Your Repertoire 

If you have never tried using a dugout pipe, you are in for a treat. Dugout pipes are a perfect starter device but they are also well-suited to experienced smokers who are looking for something lighter, easier to use, and more portable than smoking alternatives. Consider adding a dugout pipe to your repertoire and we promise, you won’t regret it!

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