Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

The condition can be caused by a variety of factors – psychological and physical.

FSAD is a condition that can be described as the inability of a woman to achieve pleasure from sexual act. It’s not unusual for such women to avoid sexual intercourse because of the fear of not being understood. In most cases the body of the female patient does not produce enough lubrication, which can make sexual activity painful. FSAD is a problem that has been always under-diagnosed and it is thought to cause serious interpersonal problems and distress.

The condition can be caused by a variety of factors – psychological and physical. https://arbuthnotdrug.com of a woman to respond to sexual excitement is considered to be a disorder as in most cases has to be treated to prevent the situation from getting worse. The exact reasons of FSAD are still unknown -although there are some theories that may explain it. Some scientists seem to believe it may have to do with the lack of estrogen (a specific female hormone) or some illness, while psychological reasons include the feeling of guilt, anxiety and hostility.

FSAD may have to do with the lack of lubrication-swelling response, which is a natural process that occurs as a result of sexual stimulation. A woman diagnosed with FSAD lacks some important physical response or is unable to maintain it throughout the intercourse. The intercourse becomes painful and unsatisfactory and unless this disorder is treated the woman can never experience a normal lubrication-swelling response. Other possible physiological causes can include damage to the blood vessels in the pelvis area, which results in reduced blood flow, some medical conditions known to damage blood vessels (high blood pressure, diabetes), menopause, taking some drugs (birth-control pills, sedatives, high blood pressure medications, antidepressants and some other ones). The most common psychological reasons are thought to be emotional abuse, relationship problems with a concrete partner, past sexual abuse and emotional stress. The relationship between the woman and her partner has been demonstrated to play a very important role in the development and maintenance of sexual problems.

The problem is usually helped by using relaxation techniques, special creams that provide for lubrication and medications, such as Female Viagra, and bremelanotide. Female Viagra is however a much safer remedy as the second treatment is associated with serious side effects reported by patients during clinical studies: this medicine was demonstrated to have adverse effects on cardiovascular system. Female Viagra is safe and highly-efficient as it just boosts the natural powers of your body. The treatment is not only about taking the pill, but also about learning how to concentrate on more pleasurable thoughts. Female Viagra is therefore the safest and if it can be said so, natural way of getting aroused, as all it does is stimulating blood flow to the tissues of the pelvic region. Taking this drug is related to a number of side effects and possible interactions, but so far this is the only hope for millions of women that are unable to get pleasure from having sex.