A proved medication for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a growing problem among adults. This happens basically due to excess masturbation and sexual intercourse at early age like puberty. Also, there are many cures available to this problem such as drugs like Cialis etc. But have you ever wondered what the side effect are or what the adverse effect can be of consuming such drugs? Don’t worry. To help you out with this we have enlisted various side effect that have chances to emerge due to consumption of this drug. But before you know the side effect, first you need to know about how this drug works to have an idea of its effects.

How the drug works?

The drug targets the blood vessel which is responsible for taking the blood out of the penis causing the erection to go off. The drug contract this vessel resulting into erection for longer time. In this way this drug increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Side effects of consuming the drug

Symptoms of flu – The side effects of Cialis have been emerged in the form of symptoms like flu according to many studies and reviews conduct

Memory loss issues – There certain memory problem like forgetting daily assigned task, confusion, forgetting the things has emerged as the side effects of consumption of Cialis. Many test claims to register the cases of memory issues that has been conducted across various labs.

Muscular pain – As Cialis enters into the body, its reaction with various enzymes and compound causes back pain and pain in other parts of the body too. The result is due to abusing and excess consumption of the dose that has been observed by the users.

Sudden headache – Headache persist as a side effect of using the drugs that cures erectile dysfunctionality. This problem has been reported by various users and so therefore the drug has been in the modification stage to prevent such problems too.

Poor sight and vision – One of the side effect of consuming Cialis of poor sight and blurred vision. The side effect occurs due to reaction of various acids reacting with the body.

Finally concluding, if drugs comes with advantage then there are several disadvantage also exist that can be associated with them. There to make you dosage safe you must prescribe an expert or a doctor experienced in this field. Consulting a doctor will reduce your chances to get affected of any adverse effect that occurs post consumption of Cialis